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to smash to pieces / to shatter
  *碎* | 碎* | *碎
to break down / to break into pieces / fragmentary
to crush / to smash / to shatter
trifling / trivial / tedious / inconsequential
heartbroken / extreme depth of sorrow
to tear to shreds
scattered and fragmentary / scraps / odds and ends
fragments / bits and pieces
to shatter / to smash / to break into pieces
brittle / fragile
to pound into pieces / to mash
to smash to pieces
to mince
offal / mixed entrails / trivial matters
to pulverize / to smash to bits
to chop
scattered and smashed (idiom)
to pulverize / to crush
to crush
(biotechnology) cell disruption
to grind up
crushproof / unbreakable / indomitable
to crumble
to destroy in an explosion / to break (by bombing)
to crush / to crumble into pieces
in pieces
piece of shit / scumbag
bits and pieces / scattered fragments
lit. to pull apart and knead to a pulp / fig. to analyze minutely from every angle / to chew sth over
in fragments

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