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  *破* | 破* | *破
broken / damaged / worn out / lousy / rotten / to break, split or cleave / to get rid of / to destroy / to break with / to defeat / to capture (a city etc) / to expose the truth of
destruction / damage / to wreck / to break / to destroy
to break through / to make a breakthrough / to surmount (an obstacle) / (sports) to break through the opponent's defense
to make an exception
to break (a bond, constraint etc) / to explain / to unravel / to decipher / to decode / to crack (software)
tear or rupture / to have a tear (e.g. in one's clothes) / without restraint (e.g. of swearing)
to go bankrupt / to become impoverished / bankruptcy
Diablo (video game series)
to break / to smash
worn-out / rotten / dilapidated / tattered / ragged / rubbish / junk
to smash to pieces / to shatter
to uncover (a criminal plot) / to break open and capture
to abuse roundly
like a hot knife through butter (idiom) / with irresistible force
lit. head broken and blood flowing / fig. badly bruised
cracked version (of software)
to eliminate / to do away with / to get rid of
Napoleon (name) / Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor of France 1804-1815
to break a record / record-breaking
breakthrough / to overcome an obstacle quickly
to make a breakthrough / to break through / to breach (military)
to rupture / to fracture / to break down / (linguistics) plosion
lit. either the fish dies or the net splits / a life and death struggle (idiom)
to cut open / to rip / to streak across (lightning, meteor etc) / to pierce (scream, searchlight etc)
broken / dilapidated
to solve a case / shabby old table
to hit the target / (fig.) to hit the nail on the head
daybreak / dawn
bankrupt / to suffer financial loss
to defeat / to crush (in battle) / beaten / ruined / destroyed / in decline
scattered and smashed (idiom)
to investigate (as detective) / to solve (crime) / to uncover (a plot) / to sniff out / to break in and analyze / detective work / to scout
to solve or overcome (a difficult problem) / to beat (a video game)
to split / to cut open
to lay bare (actual facts, secrets etc) / to reveal
trivial matter / trifle / annoying thing
to become damaged
to puncture / to pierce
to spend (money or time)
sabotage / subversive activities
(of a rumor etc) to collapse (in the light of facts etc) / to be discredited
to brave the wind and the billows (idiom); to have high ambitions
fragment / shard
to be scared out of one's wits / to scare stiff
to break the hymen / to lose virginity
to break the door down and enter (idiom)
a hole
point of penetration (military) / breakthrough
to break the ice / groundbreaking (in relations)
to burst
(of facial features) to be marred by a scar etc / to disfigure / to make a fool of oneself
to be shattered / to be annihilated (of hope, illusions etc)
to blow up / to demolish (using explosives) / dynamite / blast
to tear / to rip
to set sail / to brave the waves
to break ground / to start digging / to plough / to break through the ground (of seedling) / fig. the start of a building project
to fall and smash into pieces
breach / gap / breakthrough point
family bankrupt and the people dead (idiom); ruined and orphaned / destitute and homeless
to expose / to reveal
broken mirror / fig. broken marriage / divorce
to lose one's virginity
to burst or force open a door / to excommunicate sb (from the Roman Catholic Church) / to score a goal (in football, hockey etc)
lit. to break the cauldrons and sink the boats (idiom); fig. to cut off one's means of retreat / to burn one's boats
to see through the world of mortals (idiom, of Buddhist monk) / disillusioned with human society / to reject the world for a monastic life
to break / to shatter
to see through / disillusioned with / to reject (the world of mortals)
to lay bare in a few words / to expose with a word / to point out bluntly
the country ruined and the people starving (idiom)
broken shoes / worn-out footwear / loose woman / slut
unprecedented / for the first time / never before / first ever
writing style in which the main subject is approached directly from the outset / opposite of 冒題|冒题
(fig.) to be astounded
see 看破
to uncover
(Tw) to mention sth meant to be kept as a surprise / spoiler
dilapidated wall / to break through a wall / (fig.) to break through / (biotechnology) to disrupt cell walls / cell disruption
tear apart
to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily
to declare bankruptcy
to destroy one's family
a shattered mirror put back together (idiom) / (of marriage) to pick up the pieces and start anew / for a separated couple to reconcile and reunite
to break the rule / to make an exception
character with two or more readings / character where different readings convey different meanings (Tw)
split seam / (fig.) flaw / weak point
to break a code / to crack a riddle / to solve an enigma / a breakthrough
to die out / conquered
crushed / utterly defeated
dash / Chinese dash ── (punct., double the length of the western dash)
ice breaker
lit. to ride the wind and crest the waves / to be ambitious and unafraid (idiom)
to make a breakthrough
to split one's sides laughing
without destruction there can be no construction
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