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  *矮* | 矮* | *矮
low / short (in length)
short / low
low stool
short and stout / dumpy / roly-poly
short and small / low and small / undersized
height (i.e. whether short or tall)
to dwarf / to stunt
black dwarf (pejorative term for non-Han people)
dwarf star
red dwarf star
white dwarf
short person / dwarf
pudgy / dumpy / stumpy
(slang) alternative for 哎呦 "oh my!"
coppice / brushwood
short tree / bush / shrub
Siberian roe deer (Capreolus pygargus)
eggplant (Cantonese)
short (in stature)
brown dwarf star
quokka (Setonix brachyurus)
a person of short stature / a short person
to be inferior to / to be of a lower grade than
(loanword) Japanese ardisia (Ardisia japonica) (herb)
chlormequat chloride / cycocel
lit. choose a general from among the dwarfs / fig. choose the best person available (out of a mediocre bunch)
short but intrepid (idiom)
short-stalked variety / short straw variety
dwarf bayberry (Myrica nana)
Ardisia villosa
short-stem Ardisia (Ardisia brevicaulis)
dwarf planet
(Internet slang) (of a man) unmarriageable (lit. short, ugly and poor) / opposite: 高富帥|高富帅
one's physique (tall or short, thin or fat) / stature
black dwarf star

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