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  *短* | 短* | *短
short / brief / to lack / weak point / fault
to curtail / to cut down
brief (statement, summary etc) / briefly / brevity
length / duration / accident / right and wrong / good and bad / long and short
lit. use others' strengths to make up for one's weak points (idiom from Mencius) / to use this in place of that / what you lose on the swings, you win on the roundabouts
to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses (idiom) / to play to one's strengths
to defend sb (a relative, friend or oneself) despite knowing that that person is in the wrong
poor and with low expectations / poverty stunts ambition
to expose sb's faults or shortcomings
unexpected misfortune / unexpected accident / sudden death
family goings-on
narrow and shallow (knowledge or skill) / superficial
to gossip (idiom)
to shorten / shortening
talking endlessly / long-winded
lit. to discuss sb's merits and demerits (idiom); to gossip
take from the long to supplement the short (idiom) / to offset each other's deficiencies / to complement each other
brief (in time)
lit. the Zhangs are better off than the Lis (idiom); to gossip about the neighbors
lit. to argue who is right and wrong (idiom); to quibble / a storm in a teacup
lit. to discuss sb's merits and demerits (idiom); to gossip
lit. the mouth that has been fed by others is soft, the hand that has received doesn't reach (idiom) / fig. one is partial to those from whom presents have been accepted
to compare long and short / to compare the pros and cons

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