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to dazzle / dazzling
  *眼* | 眼* | *眼
eye / small hole / crux (of a matter) / CL: 隻|只, 雙|双 / classifier for big hollow things (wells, stoves, pots etc)
peephole / chrysoberyl
nickname of the FAST radio telescope (in Guizhou)
to survey / to view broadly
to open one's eyes / to widen one's horizons
brows and eyes / appearance / looks / countenance
to dazzle / to offend the eyes / dazzling / harsh (light) / crude (colors) / unsightly
pleasing to the eye / nice to look at
in a flash / in the blink of an eye / to glance
conspicuous / eye-catching / glamorous
the two eyes
visually attractive / eye candy / easy on the eyes / to protect the eyes
to blink / to wink / in the twinkling of an eye
in a wink
to give a supercilious look / roll of the eyes
with one's own eyes / personally
to become infuriated / to see red / envious / jealous / covetous / pink eye (conjunctivitis) / red-eye (flight)(photography) red eye
to have one's eyes on (a goal) / having sth in mind / to concentrate
stunned / struck dumb / flabbergasted
unremarkable / nothing out of the ordinary
to open one's eyes
(of tears etc) filling the eyes / (of scenery etc) filling one's field of view
to open one's eyes wide / to stare / to glare (at sb) / to scowl
charming eyes / coquettish glances
longan fruit / dragon eye fruit / Dimocarpus longan (botany) / CL:
cool eye / fig. detached / (treating) with indifference
an all-seeing mind / mental perception / insight / acumen
tearful eyes
to make an exhibition of oneself / to be a disgrace
to make eyes / to wink
beautiful, expressive eyes
heart / intention / conscience / consideration / cleverness / tolerance
naked eye / layman's eyes
candidate who came second in the Han-lin examination / see 狀元|状元
a mistake / an oversight / an error of judgment
to be blind
to be self-interested
to play dumb / to slack off (idiom)
hole (e.g. of sieve or colander)
ommatidium (single component of insect's compound eye) / one eye (i.e. one's left or right eye)
facing directly (with one's eyes) / (to look sb) in the eyes
(fig.) to get cross-eyed / to be bewildered
to have dark circles under one's eyes / to have eyes like a panda
to appear before one's eyes / pleasing to the eye / nice to look at
to drill or bore a hole / to attract attention / conspicuous
to make an error of judgment / to be taken in
corn (callus on the foot)
to murder without blinking an eye (idiom) / ruthless / cold-blooded
garish / dazzling / offensively conspicuous
to squint / to one's liking
to be dazzled / to not believe one's own eyes
electronic eye
elegant, almond-shaped eyes with the inner canthus pointing down and the outer canthus up, like the eye of a phoenix
to turn a blind eye
unpleasant to the eye / objectionable
to throw amorous or flirtatious glances at sb (esp. of a woman)
to look askance / cross or wall-eyed
fair-haired and blue-eyed / blonde / of Western appearance
thick eyebrows and big eyes
lit. (to look) with a direct gaze / fig. respect / favor
to have eyes / (fig.) to look where one is going / to watch one's step / to be cautious
to turn a blind eye
to embarrass oneself / to make a fool of oneself
to dazzle / to blink at / to open one's eyes wide
eye of a needle / pinprick / pinhole
(medicine) sty
to drill a hole / drilling
to work as spy / to act as a guide
the best part (of a play etc)
to watch helplessly
(dialect) critical juncture / crucial moment / Taiwan pr. [jie2 gu5 yan3]
eyelet / buttonhole
navel / belly button
to have eye trouble
discerning eye
red phoenix eyes (eyes whose outer corners incline upwards)
to scowl fiercely / to glare
blue eyes
measure in traditional Chinese music / orderliness
lit. one strong beat and one weak beats in a measure of music (two beats in the bar) (idiom); fig. follow a prescribed pattern to the letter / scrupulous attention to detail
orderly / methodical / rhythmical
to blink (literary)
compound eye
bird's eye
to be anxious / to get angry with sb
outspoken / artless / tactless
to turn a blind eye
stovetop burner
to get angry / to fume

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