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  *眷* | 眷* | *眷
concern / wife and children
military dependents' village (community established in Taiwan for Nationalist soldiers and their dependents after the KMT retreated from the mainland in 1949)
to care for / to show concern for / to think longingly (of one's country)
to miss / to long for / to remember with longing / yearning
family member / husband and wife
the females in a family / womenfolk
one's wife and children
love will find a way (idiom)
to take all one's family along (idiom); encumbered by a family / tied down by family obligations
  *睠* | 睠* | *睠
variant of / to care about / to look fondly on
to think fondly of
accompanied by one's dependents / encumbered by wife and children
the females in a family / womenfolk
to love / sentimentally attached to
family members of nationals residing abroad
to think fondly of sb
to yearn for / to miss
married quarters / residential quarters for men with families
nostalgia / home-sickness / longing for departed beloved

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