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vertigo / dizziness / fainting / feeling of swaying, head spinning, lack of balance or floating (e.g. from a stroke) / Taiwan pr. [xuan4 yun1]
dizzy; dazzled
  *眩* | 眩* | *眩
dazzling / brilliant / dazzled / dizzy
variant of 炫目
giddy / confused / variant of 炫耀
to feel dizzy / dizziness
confusion / unable to escape from infatuation or addiction
dizziness, nausea etc brought on as a side effect of drug treatment (Chinese medicine)
peripheral vertigo
to be dazzled and stunned (idiom)
to be dizzy and see stars
wizard / magician
charming / enchanting / captivating
aural vertigo
stun grenade
(idiom) dazed / dizzy
dizzying / it makes one's head spin
to have a dizzy spell / dazzled

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