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  *眉* | 眉* | *眉
eyebrow / upper margin
to frown / to knit one's brow
(used in place names, notably 峨眉山 Mount Emei in Sichuan)
to frown
man or men (formal)
to apply makeup to the eyebrows / (bird species of China) Chinese hwamei (Garrulax canorus)
(coll.) pretty girl
long, shapely eyebrows
Red Eyebrows, rebel group involved in the overthrow of the Xin dynasty 新朝
(fig.) beautiful woman
to raise eyebrows
lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage
to concentrate one's eyebrows / to frown / to scowl
see 柳眉
to burn one's eyebrows / fig. desperately serious situation
variant of 蛾眉
(of a couple) to grow old together in mutual respect (idiom)
header / top margin on a page
to paint the eyebrows
mutual respect in marriage / abbr. of idiom 舉案齊眉|举案齐眉
to knit one's brows / to frown
(idiom) to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc / to be a match for men / lit. not conceding to men (beard and eyebrows)
sloping eyebrows, formed like character for "eight"
to beam with joy / all smiles
woman with a manly spirit
(bird species of China) Taiwan hwamei (Garrulax taewanus)

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