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Emei township in Hsinchu County 新竹縣|新竹县, northwest Taiwan
to frown / to knit one's brow
  *眉* | 眉* | *眉
eyebrow / upper margin
to frown
to apply makeup to the eyebrows / (bird species of China) Chinese hwamei (Garrulax canorus)
man or men (formal)
(idiom) to compare favorably with men in terms of ability, bravery etc / to be a match for men / lit. not conceding to men (beard and eyebrows)
long, shapely eyebrows
to raise eyebrows
(fig.) beautiful woman
see 柳眉
lit. to lift the tray to eyebrow level (idiom); mutual respect in a marriage
mutual respect in marriage / abbr. of idiom 舉案齊眉|举案齐眉
to concentrate one's eyebrows / to frown / to scowl
variant of 蛾眉
to beam with joy / all smiles
woman with a manly spirit
to burn one's eyebrows / fig. desperately serious situation
to knit one's brows / to frown
sloping eyebrows, formed like character for "eight"
to paint the eyebrows
Red Eyebrows, rebel group involved in the overthrow of the Xin dynasty 新朝
header / top margin on a page
(of a couple) to grow old together in mutual respect (idiom)
(coll.) pretty girl
(bird species of China) Taiwan hwamei (Garrulax taewanus)

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