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each other / mutually / mutual
the truth about sth / the actual facts
  *相* | 相* | *相
surname Xiang
  *相* | 相* | *相
each other / one another / mutually / fret on the neck of a pipa 琵琶 (a fret on the soundboard is called a )
  *相* | 相* | *相
appearance / portrait / picture / government minister / (physics) phase / (literary) to appraise (esp. by scrutinizing physical features) / to read sb's fortune (by physiognomy, palmistry etc)
original form
to strike a pose (Chinese opera) / (fig.) to make a public appearance / to come out in public (revealing one's true personality, opinions etc) / (of a product) to appear on the market or at a trade show etc
to take a photograph
appearance / looks / profile / countenance
prime minister (of Japan or UK etc)
mutual / each other / one another / self-
in disguised form / covert
condition / physical appearance (of a museum piece, item of food produced by a chef, postage stamp etc)
to fall over each other in their eagerness to...
single phase (elec.)
astrology and physiognomy
table manners
colloquial term for 生肖 the animals associated with the years of a 12-year cycle
outward appearance / demeanor
to lose one's good looks
facial features / appearence / physiognomy
complexion / looks / appearance of one's face
Foreign Minister
phase modulation
prime minister (in feudal China)
famous prime minister (in ancient China) / names and appearances (Buddhism)
actual situation / the ultimate essence of things (Buddhism)
phases of moon, namely: new moon , first quarter or waxing moon 上弦, full moon and last quarter or waning moon 下弦
photogenic / (old) high official
competitive / eagerly / to vie
to set the record straight / to clarify the facts
the most senior minister of many kingdoms or dynasties (with varying roles) / prime minister
the ways of the world
split phase (elec.)
aqueous solution
variant of 錄像|录像
phase reversal / phase inversion
stage costume
sensitive / tactful
to tell fortune by reading the subject's facial features
birth year as designated by animal symbols (mouse, ox, tiger etc)
coloration / hue / sex / sex appeal
evil countenance / vicious appearance
characteristic nature of some season
similarity in features of an old couple / common facial traits that show predestination to be married together
minister of finance
former prime minister
(of facial features) to be marred by a scar etc / to disfigure / to make a fool of oneself
sleeping posture
facial expression of good fortune / joyous and contented look
social gaffe or blunder / faux pas / see 出洋相
palmistry / features of a palm (in palmistry)
palmistry / features of a palm (in palmistry)
appearance (esp. superficial) / looks / to judge a person by appearances
sagacious prime minister (in feudal China)
marine facies (geology)
the sage presents as an ordinary person (idiom)
deputy prime minister
both sides
two-phase (physics)
ferocious appearance
to make a fool of oneself
to show one's true colors
Iron Chancellor, refers to Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898), Prussian politician, minister-president of Prussia 1862-1873, Chancellor of Germany 1871-1890
grotesque visage / grimace
the thirty-two physical characteristics of Buddha
the Prime Minister of Shu (i.e. Zhuge Liang 諸葛亮|诸葛亮)
attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding
photo attached to the front of a hearse in a funeral procession
wretched look / shabby looks
ugly expression / unsightly manners
best man (in a marriage)
the appearance of all things (Buddhism)
mean / stingy
minister of health (of Japan, UK etc)
you can't judge a person by appearance (idiom) / you can't judge a book by its cover / often in combination 人不可貌相海水不可斗量
Heaven helps the worthy (idiom)
elegant appearance / dignity

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