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direct (opposite: indirect 間接|间接) / immediate / straightforward
  *直* | 直* | *直
straight / to straighten / fair and reasonable / frank / straightforward / (indicates continuing motion or action) / vertical / vertical downward stroke in Chinese characters
simply; really
(TV, radio) to broadcast live / live broadcast / (Internet) to livestream / (agriculture) direct seeding
perpendicular / vertical
in the right and self-confident (idiom); bold and confident with justice on one's side / to have the courage of one's convictions / just and forceful
  *直* | 直* | *直
surname Zhi / Zhi (c. 2000 BC), fifth of the legendary Flame Emperors 炎帝 descended from Shennong 神農|神农 Farmer God
straight (in a straight line) / continuously / always / from the beginning of ... up to ... / all along
to lead directly to
a right angle
erect / upright / vertical
lasting until / up till (the present)
to go straight / straight forward / fig. to do right
to speak forthrightly / to talk bluntly
to advance bravely
(of one's gaze) fixed / staring
directly related
to look straight at
direct observation / directly perceived through the senses / intuitive / audiovisual
rectum (anatomy)
to go nonstop to / through (as in "through train") / nonstop
to govern directly
perfectly straight / straight as a ramrod / bolt upright
helicopter / CL:
even now / until now / right up to the present
straight line / sharply (rise or fall)
direct current
to go straight to / to make a beeline for
municipality, namely: Beijing 北京, Tianjin 天津, Shanghai 上海 and Chongqing 重慶|重庆, the first level administrative subdivision / province level city / also called directly governed city
to fly non-stop; to fly direct (to ...)
smooth / level
directly subordinate
to straighten / to stretch out
on-the-spot live broadcast
stiff / rigid / inflexible
upright; erect / to straighten up (one's back etc); to hold erect
in the past always / for a long time now / until now
recorder (musical instrument) (Tw)
to storm / to attack directly
candid / frank
straightforward / outspoken
next of kin / immediate dependant
frank and outspoken (idiom) / straight speaking / to say what one thinks
to skyrocket / to get quick promotion in one's career
to march straight in unchallenged (military) (idiom) / (fig.) to push deep into the heart of sth / to flood in
direct and plainspoken (idiom); blunt / straightforward
straight ruler
literal translation
Nintendo Direct (announcement presentation)
going directly (without detour) / (fig.) direct / straightforward (in one's manner or speech)
data-direct (in LAN emulation)
vertical setting (printing)
staring blankly
upright and outspoken
lit. right and wrong, crooked and straight (idiom); fig. merits and demerits / pros and cons
honest and straightforward
to record faithfully
straight hair
direct competitor / direct competition
Ming and Qing dynasty province directly administered by Beijing, including Beijing, Tianjin, most of Hebei and Henan and part of Shandong
vertical / to erect / to set upright / vertical stroke in Chinese characters / young servant (old)
rising straight up in a clear sky (idiom); rapid promotion to a high post / meteoric career
through train (or bus)
(coll.) forthright person
to fly or sail direct (to ...)
to catch up vigorously / to set off in hot pursuit
to wait until / until
upright / upstanding / honest
frank / straightforward / blunt
direct descendant / blood relative
lit. crooked and straight / fig. right and wrong, good and evil
to get straight to the point (idiom)
direct election
straight shooter
upright / straightforward
straight / direct
to address sb directly by name (idiom) / to address sb by name without using an honorific title (indicating either familiarity or overfamiliarity)
directly / straight / straight ahead / straightforward
blunt / outspoken
to soar into the sky
everyday robe worn at home in ancient times / robe worn by priests, monks and scholars
interpreter (computing)
lit. to directly attack Huanglong / fig. to directly combat the root of a problem
upright and honest / incorruptible / squeaky clean
to say straight out / to point out bluntly / to give a straightforward account / to disclose
to admonish sb frankly / direct criticism
to develop rapidly after abrupt turn (idiom); dramatic change
taproot (main root growing vertically down)
rectus abdominis muscle (aka abdominals or abs)
to face (reality, danger etc)
Strait of Gibraltar
strong and upright

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