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compact disc / CD or DVD / CD ROM / CL: , 張|张
C drive or default startup drive (computing)
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
  *盘* | 盘* | *盘
plate / dish / tray / board / hard drive (computing) / to build / to coil / to check / to examine / to transfer (property) / to make over / classifier for food: dish, helping / to coil / classifier for coils of wire / classifier for games of chess
building under construction / commercial property / real estate (for sale or rent)
hard disk
to commence trading (stock market)
(computer) disk
(finance) (of a fund manager, high-wealth individual etc) to make large trades (in stocks, futures etc) / (fashion, movies etc) (of an industry heavyweight) to make a play in the market
tray / salver / pallet
market close
sampler platter / appetizer platter
domain / territory under one's control / foundation of a building / base of operations / crust of earth
turntable / rotary (traffic)
meter dial / watch face
variant of 表盤|表盘 / watch face
sand table (military) / 3D terrain (or site) model (for real estate marketing, geography class etc) / sand tray (on which to write characters)
(finance) to crash / to collapse / crash
suction pad / sucker
(astronomy) astrolabe / (astrology) horoscope / astrological chart
to make a comeback / (of a doctor's assessment of the gender of a fetus) to turn out to be wrong
intervertebral disk
overall / comprehensive
to arrange food on a plate / to plate up / food presentation / (watchmaking) balance wheel
natal chart (astrology)
lower millstone / tray of a mill
abacus / CL: / plan / scheme
Yingpan, common place name ("army camp") / place near Jintian village 金田村 in Guangxi where the Taiping Tianguo rebels took their oaths in 1851 / place in Xinfeng county 新豐縣|新丰县 traditional camping place of brigands / Yingpan township, place name / Yingpan in Shangluo prefecture, Shaanxi / Yingpan township in Yunnan / (many others)
military camp / nomadic camp
twisting and turning
(of a stock price or market index) currently higher than at the previous day's close
USB flash drive / jump drive / thumb drive / memory stick
(of a dog) to hold a frisbee in its mouth / (fig.) derogatory nickname given to Hu Xijin 胡錫進|胡锡进 for doing the CCP's bidding as editor of the "Global Times"
offer / to make an offer (commerce)
lit. small abacus / fig. selfish calculations / bean-counting
floppy disk
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
counting one's chickens before they are hatched
USB flash drive / see also 閃存盤|闪存盘
online storage space / cloud file storage
turntable / gramophone record
across the board / comprehensive / overall / global
floppy disk
to sell up / to wind up a business
derogatory nickname given to Hu Xijin 胡錫進|胡锡进 for doing the CCP's bidding as editor of the "Global Times"
middle game (in go or chess) / (share trading) mid-session / (abbr. for 中盤商|中盘商) distributor / wholesaler / middleman
cold plate / cold meats
the tray or pan of a steelyard
lit. to count on a narrow abacus (idiom); petty and scheming selfishly / concerned with petty interests / selfish and uncaring of the interests of others / bean counter
optic disk (terminal of the optic nerve on the retina)
a hand basin
acetabulum (part of the pelvis bone)
lit. where tigers crouch and dragons coil (idiom); fig. forbidding terrain
too uncouth to appear in public (idiom) / unfit for a public role
gramophone / record player
chuck (for a drill etc)
a plateful / comprehensive / the full works (e.g. a banquet) / the full price
silver plate / galactic disc
(of a stock price or market index) currently lower than at the previous day's close
soup plate
chuck (for a drill etc)
baking tray
Holy Grail
(after completing a game of chess) to replay the game, analyzing the players' moves / (stock market) to resume trading
(computing) solid-state drive (SSD)
dial (e.g. of a radio etc)
(of a person) objectionable / (of two people) to find each other disagreeable
mixed fruit salad
Russian roulette
to suspend trading (stock market)
dashboard / indicator panel
oral sucker (e.g. on bloodsucking parasite)
(political party's) voter base / (musician's) fan base / (a business's) customer base / the funds necessary for a venture / foundation on which sth's existence depends / bedrock (in the figurative sense)
base / foundation / (Tw) (geology) bedrock
(computing) flash drive / thumb drive
to compute on the abacus / (fig.) to calculate / to plan / to scheme
(of an entrepreneur) to buy up a struggling business / (finance) to snap up shares sold off by others / (neologism) (slang) to take as a girlfriend a woman who was dumped by her ex for sleeping around
telephone dial
steering wheel
galactic disc
intervertebral disk
(bicycle) crankset
abrasive disk / sanding disk

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