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rubber / an eraser / CL: 塊|块
naughty / mischievous / unruly
  *皮* | 皮* | *皮
surname Pi
  *皮* | 皮* | *皮
leather / skin / fur / CL: 張|张 / pico- (one trillionth) / naughty
fur / pelt
wrapping / wrapper / foreskin
epidermis / cuticle
smart / charming / attractive / witty / facetious / ironic
galvanized iron sheet (for building construction)
face / cheek
(fruit) peel
small dried shrimp
to skin / to flay / to excoriate / to peel / to bark at sb / to physically punish sb
outer skin / carapace
to peel / to remove the skin / to tare
suede / chamois leather
lot / section of land / ground
cheek / face / leather covering (for handbags etc)
dumpling skin / piecrust
orange peel / tangerine peel / dried orange peel used in Chinese medicine
tree bark
(med.) endothelium / thin skin on the inside of some fruits (e.g. oranges)
dermis (layer within the skin containing sense of touch)
liangpi (noodle-like dish)
to wrangle / wrangling
Nanpi county in Cangzhou 滄州|沧州, Hebei
lit. chicken feathers and garlic skins (idiom) / fig. trivial (matter)
cowhide / leather / fig. flexible and tough / boasting / big talk
animal skin / hide
wampee (Clausena lansium)
to flay / to skin / (fig.) to exploit / to take advantage of
crust (of a solidified liquid etc)
dried beancurd (tofu)
snake skin
pork skin
Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamonum cassia) / cassia bark
bran (esp. of wheat)
outer skin / envelope / cover / (legal) seal
mink fur
to molt / to peel / fig. seriously hurt
pelt / raw hide
shameless / (slang) rascal
to graft skin / skin grafting
book cover / book jacket
one of the two chief types of music in Chinese opera / see also 二黃|二黄
skin cast off during molting / exuvium / to pupate / to molt / to slough / to cast off an old skin or shell
wagon / freight car
turf / sward / sod
to show off with clever talk / big-headed / a smart-ass
hippie (loanword)
lambskin / kid leather
to plunder the land and extort from the peasant / corrupt practice
recalcitrant / obstreperous
painted skin (which transforms a monster into a beauty)
lit. the heart of a sheep in the skin of a tiger (idiom) / fig. impressive in appearance but lacking in substance / braggart
husk of betel nut 檳榔|槟榔
Carlo Azeglio Ciampi (1920-2016), president of Italy 1999-2006
imitation leather
hippie (loanword) (Tw)
tofu skin (made by drying the skin that forms on the surface of soymilk during cooking, and therefore not actually made from tofu)
bellyful (of sth) / full of (sth)
the root bark of the peony tree
to pass the buck / to shirk responsibility
there is no knowing what is in a man's heart (idiom)
aril (botany)
to prep a patient's skin prior to surgery (shaving hair, cleansing etc)
bark of tulip tree (TCM) / Cortex Liriodendri
to circumcise
to move one's lips / to wag one's tongue
book cover
brazen / shameless / impudent / cheek / thick-skinned
to boast / to talk big
Zhou the exploiter, archetypal character in short story 半夜雞叫|半夜鸡叫
single eyelid
lit. to wave a banner as if it were a tiger skin (idiom) / fig. to borrow sb's prestige / to take the name of a great cause as a shield
to have a facelift / facelift
divot (golf)
orange peel
ashamed / embarrassed / not having the face (to meet people) / not daring (out of shame)
shameless / brazen
to speculate in building land
root bark of the peony tree (used in TCM)
to fuss around / to buzz about uselessly / to wag one's tongue
to brace oneself to do sth / to put a bold face on it / to summon up courage / to force oneself to
to talk until one is blue in the face
to split one's sides laughing
skin / covering

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