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  *皇* | 皇* | *皇
surname Huang
  *皇* | 皇* | *皇
emperor / old variant of
crown (headgear)
royal / imperial household
Qinhuangdao prefecture level city in Hebei
emperor / CL: 個|个
empress / imperial consort
the emperor / Your majesty the emperor / His imperial majesty
royal family / imperial household / member of the royal family
imperial palace
Real Madrid soccer team / abbr. for 皇家馬德里|皇家马德里
Real Madrid (soccer team)
Qinhuangdao prefecture level city in Hebei
Imperial City, inner part of Beijing, with the Forbidden City at its center
Qin Shihuang (259-210 BC), the first emperor
Huanggu district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Jade Emperor (in Taoism)
Huanggu district of Shenyang city 瀋陽市|沈阳市, Liaoning
Zanhuang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
two-character surname Huangfu
the imperial court / the government in imperial times
emperor / emperor of Japan
the tomb of the first emperor at Mt Li 驪山|骊山 near Xi'an (awaits excavation)
Crowne Plaza (hotel chain)
Zanhuang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
czar (loanword)
Roman Catholic pope / Supreme Pontiff
the imperial family / royal kin
imperial power
the title of Emperor
crown prince
Queenstown, town in New Zealand
empress dowager
Three Sovereigns, between Gods and Emperors in third millennium BC / usually listed as Suiren 燧人, Fuxi 伏羲, trapping and writing, Shennong or Farmer God 神農|神农
(of houses etc) sumptuous (idiom)
child emperor / (fig.) spoiled child / spoiled boy / pampered only child
Emperor of Japan
the Emperor's new clothes (i.e. naked)
in a panic / flurried
Jade Emperor
Royal Navy (UK)
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
the late Emperor
(lit.) past years' almanac / (fig.) ancient history / obsolete practice / old-fashioned principle
The Last Emperor, 1987 biopic of Pu Yi 溥儀|溥仪 by Bernardo Bertolucci
imperial kindness / benevolence from the emperor
Hong Taiji (1592-1643), eighth son of Nurhaci 努爾哈赤|努尔哈赤, reigned 1626-1636 as Second Khan of Later Jin dynasty 後金|后金, then founded the Qing dynasty 大清 and reigned 1636-1643 as Emperor / posthumous name 清太宗
HMCS (Her Majesty's Canadian Ship) / prefix for Canadian Navy Vessels
Taishang Huang / Retired Emperor / father of the reigning emperor / fig. puppet master
Burger King Whopper
imposing / grand
high-sounding / dignified / pompous (idiom)
overt / to make no secret (of one's presence) / grandiose / with great scope
Dairy Queen (brand)
the Royal Society (UK scientific academy)
ancient times
three sovereigns 三皇 and five emperors 五帝 of myth and legend / the earliest system of Chinese historiography
Emperor Ming of Tang (685-762), also known as Emperor Xuanzong of Tang 唐玄宗, reigned 712-756
drag queen
Royal Society
Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City
see 茼蒿
magnificent / variant of 惶惶 / variant of 遑遑
Crown publishers, Hong Kong
the emperor relatives (idiom); person with powerful connections
large warship / name of warship of Wu kingdom during Spring and Autumn period
imperial army (esp. Japanese)
Jade Emperor Peak on Mt Tai in Shandong
royal jelly
empress / refers to Tang empress Wuzetian 武則天|武则天 (624-705), reigned 690-705
Tsarist Russia
lit. imperial funding for troops / funds or items supplied by the government
beauty queen
crown prince
eating comes first, then comes everything else (idiom) (Tw)
the brightest jewel in the crown
alarmed / flustered
the First Emperor 259-210 BC
Huangfu Song (-195), later Han general and warlord
lit. to eat from government coffers / to serve as a government employee / to live off government money
lit. the emperor is not worried, but his eunuchs are (idiom) / fig. the observers are more anxious than the person involved
to run off in a great panic (idiom)
panic-stricken (idiom) / to be in a flustered state / also written 張惶失措|张惶失措
Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force / Mounties
local tyrant
heaven and earth (idiom)
Heaven will not disappoint the person who tries (idiom). If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually.
flustered / ruffled / disconcerted
giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne)
one who does not fear the death of thousand cuts will dare to unhorse the emperor (proverb) / to a fearless person, no fence is high enough
Qing emergency cabinet set up in May 1911 to confront the Xinhai rebels
lit. a person before the legendary emperor Fuxi 伏羲 / person from ages immemorial / fig. untroubled person
Queen's University (Belfast)
the mausoleum of the First Emperor near Xi'an

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