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  *的* | 的* | *的
of / ~'s (possessive particle) / (used after an attribute) / (used to form a nominal expression) / (used at the end of a declarative sentence for emphasis) / also pr. [di4] or [di5] in poetry and songs
purpose / aim / goal / target / objective / CL: 個|个
seems as if / rather like / Taiwan pr. [si4 de5]
  *的* | 的* | *的
see 的士
  *的* | 的* | *的
really and truly
  *的* | 的* | *的
aim / clear
to hit the target / to hit the nail on the head
else / other
yes, that's right / variant of 似的
(old) wife
Midea (brand)
the great majority
really / after all / details / particulars
abbr. of 麵包車的士|面包车的士 / minivan taxi
what for / why / how
you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
small change
(slang, originally northeast dialect) excellent / great
bogus / ersatz / fake / mock / phony
(there are) some (who are...) / some (exist)
Really! (interj. of annoyance or frustration)
lit. target of a multitude of arrows (idiom); the butt of public criticism / attacked on all sides
drat / frick / (euphemistic variant of 他媽的|他妈的)
(coll.) food
nothing to pick on / really good / nothing to discuss / settled matter / no problem
fullness for the bold, famine for the timid (idiom)
don’t worry about (it, him etc) / doesn’t matter / whatever / anyway
motorcycle taxi / abbr. for 摩托車的士|摩托车的士
trivial (matters) / triviality / nonsense / rubbish
aimless / at random
to hit the mark with a comment (idiom) / to say sth spot on
money isn't everything, but without money you can do nothing (idiom)
drat / frick / (euphemistic variant of 媽的|妈的)
homing / target-seeking (military)
target / aim / objective / what one hopes to gain
I (when talking to a superior)
(idiom) a good person, used to praise sb's moral integrity or courage
bull's-eye / target / objective
damn it! / blast it!
(neologism c. 2009) don't worry, it's all taken care of
(coll.) to take a taxi / to go by taxi
You're really quite something! / You're just amazing!
to hit the target / (fig.) to hit the nail on the head
(taboo curse) damn it! / fucking
to hit the target with a single shot / to say something spot on (idiom)
(dialect) not that great / not up to much / nothing special
not to be trifled with / to be reckoned with
and so on / and what not
What brings you here? (idiom)
to get tough / to use force
lit. the barefooted people are not afraid of those who wear shoes (idiom) / fig. the poor, who have nothing to lose, do not fear those in power
if you live a life of crime, sooner or later you'll pay for it
Get along with you!
lit. if you were eating warm shit, it'd be stone cold by the time you finished it (idiom) / fig. (of a person) too slow / can't keep up
having nothing better to do / see 吃飽撐著|吃饱撑着
to be quite an ordeal / to be hard to bear
Goddam! / goddamn / wretched
How did it happen? / What's wrong? / What went wrong? / What's up?
standard / norm / criterion
son of a bitch
beast (derog.)
to play dirty / crafty / scheming
to tell the truth / honestly / in fact
lit. as if flying / very fast

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