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  *百* | 百* | *百
hundred / numerous / all kinds of
  *百* | 百* | *百
surname Bai
one hundred percent / totally (effective)
several hundred
a hundred percent / out and out / absolutely
lit. kill one to warn a hundred (idiom); to punish an individual as an example to others / pour encourager les autres
one hundred percent / totally (effective)
fifty (usually referring to sb's age)
news pass quickly from mouth to mouth (idiom) / an infectious disease spreads quickly (old meaning)
very serious / solemn
(coll.) one thousand or almost one thousand
lit. punish one, warn one hundred (idiom) / fig. to make an example of sb
lit. punish one, warn one hundred (idiom) / fig. to make an example of sb / also written 懲一儆百|惩一儆百
all / everything / the whole

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