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boarding pass
to register (one's name)
to register / to log in
to land / to come ashore / to make landfall (of typhoon etc) / to log in (frequently used erroneous variant of 登錄|登录)
to carry a story / to publish (in a newspaper or magazine)
to climb / to pull oneself up / to clamber / to scale / fig. to forge ahead in the face of hardships and danger
  *登* | 登* | *登
to scale (a height) / to ascend / to mount / to publish or record / to enter (e.g. in a register) / to press down with the foot / to step or tread on / to put on (shoes or trousers) (dialect) / to be gathered and taken to the threshing ground (old)
to go on stage / fig. to appear on the scene / used in advertising to mean new product
to climb over / to ascend onto / to mount
to log in (to a computer) / to enter (data)
registration form
single sign-on (SSO)
to log out (computer) / to publish / to be published / to appear (in a newspaper etc)
to publish (in newspapers or magazines) / to record (bookkeeping entries)
modern (loanword) / fashionable
to board a plane
Sheraton (hotel chain)
to ascend the throne
Wendeng county level city in Weihai 威海, Shandong
(of a list, music chart etc) to reach the top
to go (up) to the moon
Dengfeng county level city in Zhengzhou 鄭州|郑州, Henan
telnet / rlogin / remote login
to visit sb at home
immediately / at once
to reach great heights (in technical skills or scholastic achievements)
to climb a mountain / climbing / mountaineering
from the main room, enter the inner chamber (idiom) / to go to the next level / to attain a higher level
record entry (e.g. into a bank passbook)
Louis Vuitton (brand)
Dengfeng county level city in Zhengzhou 鄭州|郑州, Henan
to climb a mountain / to scale a peak / mountain climbing / mountaineering
to visit places famous for their scenery
Yongdeng county in Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州, Gansu
to publish in the newspapers
Baden (region in Germany)
Wendeng county level city in Weihai 威海, Shandong
departure gate (aviation)
(Osama) bin Laden (1957-2011), leader of Al Qaeda
the quick-footed climb up first (idiom) / the early bird catches the worm / first come, first served
abundant harvest of all food crops / bumper grain harvest
to board a ship
reaching heaven in a single bound (idiom); (esp. with negative: don't expect) instant success
to stand tall and see far (idiom); taking the long and broad view / acute foresight
plentiful harvest / bumper crop
(airport) check-in / boarding formalities
landing craft
(Osama) bin Laden (1957-2011), leader of Al Qaeda
to make up and go on stage (idiom); to embark on a career (esp. in politics or crime)
dengue fever / Singapore hemorrhagic fever
Edward Snowden (1983-), American surveillance program whistleblower
Brandenburg (e.g. gate, concertos)
Dengtu Zi, famous lecherous character / lecher / skirt-chaser
lit. even harder than reaching the sky (idiom) / fig. extremely difficult / far from an easy task
to go ashore / to disembark
Lee Teng-hui (1923-2020), Taiwanese politician, president of ROC 1988-2000
Yongdeng county in Lanzhou 蘭州|兰州, Gansu
to become immortal / big promotion / die
Osama bin Laden (1957-2011), leader of Al Qaeda
to advertise
to go on stage
mountain bike (Tw)
Baden-Württemberg, southwest German state, capital Stuttgart 斯圖加特|斯图加特
Providence, capital of Rhode Island
boarding gate (at airport) / aircraft boarding bridge
to publish / to appear (in print)
Hayden or Haydn (name)
moon landing / to land on the moon
Halden (city in Norway)
Wimbledon (district of southwest London) / Wimbledon Championships (tennis)
harder than climbing to heaven (idiom)
to ascend the throne
John Leighton Stuart (1876-1962), second-generation American missionary in China, first president of Yenching University and later United States ambassador to China
voter registration
registered user
Liechtenstein (Tw)
to make a clarion call / to make a public appeal
boarding pass
boarding gate
airport terminal
passbook entry machine
stupid / dazed
dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)
to publish unaltered
doing good is like a hard climb, doing evil is like an easy fall (idiom)
boarding gate
ample / extremely abundant
Wimbledon Championships (tennis)
air bridge / aircraft boarding bridge
lit. One doesn't visit a temple without a cause. (idiom) / fig. to visit sb with an ulterior motive (esp. to ask for sth) / having a hidden agenda
ta da! / wow!
to register one's name / account name (on a computer)
to employ talent (idiom)
Ballycotton (Irish: Baile Choitín), village near Cork / Ballycotton, music band
gaudy / repulsively colored
check-in counter
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