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  *痛* | 痛* | *痛
ache / pain / sorrow / deeply / thoroughly
pain / ache / sore
bellyache / stomach pain
grief / remorse / deep in sorrow / bitter (anguish) / profound (condolences)
to have a headache
to feel distressed about sth / heartache / cardiac pain
pain / suffering
to relieve pain / to stop pain / analgesic
to tingle; to sting; to have a sudden sharp pain; (fig.) to hurt deeply / tingle; prick; sting; stab of pain
to ache
sharp pain / cramp / griping pain / colic / angina, cf 心絞痛|心绞痛
grieved / sorrowful
to suffer / fig. reluctantly
slight illness / indisposition / ailment
bitter / painful / deeply distressed
pain (from wound) / sorrow
labor pains / (fig.) distress caused by a disruptive change
hidden anguish / secret suffering / (medicine) dull pain
to think of the pain when the pain is gone (idiom) / to ponder about a painful experience
burn (i.e. wound) / burning pain
(medicine) tenderness; pain experienced when touched or palpated
paracetamol (loanword)
to grieve; to mourn / deep sorrow; grief
to ache
keenly felt pain / bitter anguish
menstrual pain / dysmenorrhea
acute pain / sharp pain / twinge / stab / pang
to throb with pain / throbbing pain / twang / pang / CL: 陣|阵
to ache; to be sore; to feel painful
pain from a wound
to endure (suffering or sorrow)
stabbing pain / intermittent flash of pain
lancing pain
sharp pain
to try hard to suppress one's grief (idiom)
a thought that causes heartache (idiom)
chronic pain
to invigorate blood circulation and alleviate pain (idiom)
neuralgia (medicine)
cluster headache
stomachache / bellyache
abdominal cramping
gallstone colic
to relieve pain / analgesic
analgesic / pain killer
better to just get the pain over with, rather than prolong the agony
to ache dully
diclofenac painkiller / also called 扶他林

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