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fault / defect / shortcomings / ailment / CL: 個|个
disease / sickness / ailment
malady / evil / malpractice / drawback / disadvantage
novel coronavirus (esp. SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19)
(medical) case / occurrence of illness
  *病* | 病* | *病
illness / CL: 場|场 / disease / to fall ill / defect
illness / disease / patient / sufferer
to fall ill
sick person / patient / invalid / CL: 個|个
state of an illness / patient's condition
heart disease
to die of illness
infectious disease / contagious disease / pestilence
diabetes / diabetes mellitus
ward (of a hospital) / sickroom / CL: 間|间
onset / outbreak (of a disease)
medical record / case history
symptom (of a disease)
pathological changes / lesion / diseased (kidney, cornea etc)
periodontitis (gum disorder)
to treat an illness
chronic disease
mental disorder / psychosis
viral infection
to fall sick / to contract an illness
state of an illness / patient's condition
to catch an illness / to get infected with a disease
mental disorder / neuropathy / (derog.) mental case
variant of 艾滋病
slight illness / indisposition / ailment
COVID-19, the coronavirus disease identified in 2019
sexually transmitted disease / venereal disease
Newcastle disease
sick leave
pathogenic / to cause disease
computer virus
seriously ill
bacteriophage / virus that infects bacteria
(med.) pathogen
minor illness / indisposition
faulty wording / mispronunciation due to a speech defect
every illness
serious illness
coronary heart disease
cardiovascular disease
vector (epidemiology)
herpes virus (med.)
sexually transmitted disease / venereal disease
novel coronavirus (abbr. for 新型冠狀病毒|新型冠状病毒) (esp. SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19)
specialized hospital
to fall ill / to be stricken with an illness
to die of an illness
disease / illness
anxiety / sore point / secret worry / mental disorder / heart disease (medicine)
HIV / the AIDS virus
to visit a sick person or patient
focus of infection / lesion / nidus
a friend made in hospital or people who become friends in hospital / wardmate
common problem / common failing
disease resistant
Illness enters by the mouth (idiom). Mind what you eat! / fig. A loose tongue may cause a lot of trouble.
course of disease
prone to illness / sickly / in fragile health
hospital bed / sickbed
sick personnel / person on the sick list / patient
cerebrovascular disease
liver disease
cause of disease / pathogen
to be critically ill / to be terminally ill
cause of disease
influenza virus / flu virus
plant diseases and insect pests
harmful bacteria / pathogenic bacteria / germs
chronic illness / disease that takes effect slowly
interpretation of the cause / onset and process of an illness / pathogenesis
to visit a doctor / to see a patient
lit. to turn to any doctor one can find when critically ill (idiom); fig. to try anyone or anything in a crisis
rich person's ailment (needing expensive treatment and long recuperation)
mental illness
Bunyavirus / virus of the family Bunyaviridae
the bunyaviridae family of viruses
lung disease
eye disease
to feign illness / to malinger
to denounce / to castigate
incidence of a disease / disease rate
hantavirus (Tw)
norovirus (Tw)
occupational disease
human papillomavirus (HPV)
rhinovirus (common cold virus)

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