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  *留* | 留* | *留
old variant of
  *留* | 留* | *留
to leave (a message etc) / to retain / to stay / to remain / to keep / to preserve
  *留* | 留* | *留
old variant of
to keep / to retain / to have reservations (about sth) / to hold back (from saying sth) / to put aside for later
to remain / left over / surplus / remnant
to detain / retention
to detain (a prisoner) / to keep sb in custody
to leave behind / to hand down
to keep as a souvenir / to recall fondly
reluctant to leave / to hate to have to go / to recall fondly
to leave a message / to leave one's comments / message
to study abroad
to be mindful / to pay attention to / to take note of
to leave behind / to stay behind / to remain / to keep / not to let (sb) go
to stay somewhere temporarily / to stop over
to stay behind to take care of things
to set aside for
student studying abroad / (foreign) exchange student / CL: 個|个,
to set aside / to reserve
Réunion (island in Indian Ocean, a French overseas department)
to ask sb to stay / to keep sb for the night / to await (classical)
to leave in place / to set aside (for further use) / to retain / to detain / (medicine) indwelling
to keep / to preserve / extant / to remain (from the past)
to stay for a long time
to be careful / to pay attention to
residence / to reside
to urge to stay / to detain
to show no quarter / ruthless / relentless
to offer shelter / to have sb in one's care
to relent (to spare sb's feelings) / to show mercy or forgiveness / to forbear / lenient
going or staying
permanent residency
to leave one's name / to leave behind a reputation / to be remembered (in history)
to study abroad (old term) / same as 留學|留学
to put up a guest / to stay overnight
to take care / to be careful
visitor's book / CL:
lit. start off leniently (idiom); please do not be too strict with me / Do not judge me too harshly. / Look favorably on my humble efforts.
to detain / to arrest / to hold / to confiscate
(said by departing guest) no need to see me out
to take a photo as a souvenir / a souvenir photo
private plot allocated to an individual on a collective farm
to leave a message / to leave some empty space in a work of art / to leave idle moments (in one's life, a theater play etc)
Tunliu county in Changzhi 長治|长治, Shanxi
remaining / extant
to stay / to remain / to linger / (computing) to reside / resident (program etc)
to join the faculty of one's alma mater upon graduation / to remain at school during vacation
to bequeath (to later generations) / a legacy
to leave oneself a way out
Lingering Garden in Suzhou, Jiangsu
to stay / to stop over / to break one's journey
to remain in office / to hold on to one's job
retention (medicine)
to leave blank space in a document / to leave some time free
a departing gift / a souvenir on leaving / a poem to mark one's departure
cowherb (Vaccaria segetalis) / cowherb seeds (used in TCM)
to keep an official position / to hold on to one's job
to stay at / to stop over
seriously ill and about to die
Liuba County in Hanzhong 漢中|汉中, Shaanxi
to leave sth for later / to postpone (work, a decision etc)
to keep for use / to retain sth / to keep sb in his job
to leave some leeway / to allow for the unpredictable
gramophone / phonograph
Gongliu County or Toqquztara nahiyisi in Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture 伊犁哈薩克自治州|伊犁哈萨克自治州, Xinjiang
to repeat a year in school
to keep a copy / copy kept for archiving / to put aside a portion (of a money sum)
to leave the door unlocked for sb
to leave an inserted needle in place for a period of time (acupuncture)
Eriugena, John Scottus (c. 810-880) Irish poet, theologian, and philosopher of Neoplatonism
to keep stationed (of troops) / to remain as a garrison
semiconservative replication
remainder / fractional part (after the decimal point) / unfinished
to retain a portion (of profits etc)
to hold back a trick / not to divulge all one's trade secrets
to keep a seed stock / seed held back for planting
to withdraw (money) and retain it
nonmigratory bird
to stay / to detain
when a girl is of age, she must be married off (idiom)
to make sth difficult / to create obstacles
unsigned remainder (i.e. the remainder after rounding to the nearest integer)
"left-behind children", rural children whose parents have to make a living as migrant workers in distant urban areas, but cannot afford to keep the family with them
to incarcerate sb for a violation of administrative law, typically for 10 days or less / administrative detention
residence permit
detachment left to provide covering fire
variant of 流連|流连
to stay for a long period
to remain in existence / to retain
Rurik (c. 830-879), Varangian chieftain of the Rus' people
Réunion (island in Indian Ocean, a French overseas department) (Tw)
to continue to discuss a poem over a long period
Ilyushin, Russian plane maker
repertory / repertoire / repertory item
reservation (for an ethnic minority)
leave of absence without pay
to detain as criminal / criminal detention
to shave the head but keep the queue
to absorb / to take in and retain

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