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world / CL: 個|个
boundary / border
boundary / state / realm
the outside world / external
  *界* | 界* | *界
(bound form) boundary; border / (bound form) realm
contact surface / (computing) interface
to go beyond the border; to be transboundary / (fig.) to transition to a new field of endeavor; to be interdisciplinary
great wide world / marvelously diverse world / (Buddhism) cosmos (abbr. for 三千大千世界)
academic world / academic circles / academia
world of the immortals / fairyland / cloud nine
all walks of life; all social circles
Zhangjiajie, prefecture-level city in Hunan, formerly Dayong 大庸
field of vision
business world / business community
New Territories (in Hong Kong)
the teeming world / the world of sensual pleasures
definition / to delimit
critical / boundary
ken / scope
common boundary / common border
World War II
national boundary / border between countries
ghost world
to cross a border / to overstep a bound
lower bound (math.) / world of mortals / (of gods) to descend to the world of mortals
upper bound
Les Misérables (1862) by Victor Hugo 維克多·雨果|维克多·雨果
political and government circles
border / boundary
paradise (mainly Buddhist) / Elysium / (Budd.) Sukhavati
provincial boundary
border river (between countries or regions)
to cross a border / (sport) to go out of bounds
limits / bounds / dividing line
to divide up into different zones / (HK) sector of society / constituency / (taxonomy) kingdom
boundary stone / table marking border
foreign concession, an enclave occupied by a foreign power (in China in the 19th and 20th centuries)
industry / the world of business
delimiter (computing)
the press / journalistic circles / the journalists
cosmos (Buddhism)
(Buddhism) to designate the boundaries of a sacred place within which monks are to be trained; a place so designated / (fantasy fiction) force field; invisible barrier (orthographic borrowing from Japanese 結界 "kekkai")
an interface / to relate with / to affiliate
ungraduated ruler / straightedge
Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt euch! / Workers of the world, unite!
spiritual world
Zhangjiajie, prefecture-level city in Hunan
county border / county line
extent of one's rights / limits of one's authority
Minecraft (video game)
the roof of the world (usually refers to Tibet or Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau 青藏高原)
to demarcate a boundary / dividing line
world war
subkingdom (taxonomy)
World of Warcraft (video game)
fungus (taxonomic kingdom) / mycota
World Health Organization (WHO)
World Cup
end of the world
World War Two
Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley 阿道司·赫胥黎
Graphical User Interface (GUI) (computing)
critical point / boundary point
World Wildlife Fund WWF
demarcation / boundary / delimited / bound (math.)
the Three Worlds (as proposed by Mao Zedong), i.e. the superpowers (USA and USSR), other wealthy countries (UK, France, Japan etc), and the developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America
supremum (math.) / least upper bound
(math.) infimum; greatest lower bound
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
World Expo / abbr. to 世博
all over the world / everywhere / in all parts of the world
world peace
world map
the name of various newspapers, notably Le Monde (France), El Mundo (Spain) and Die Welt (Germany)
Miss World Beauty Pageant
world power
(UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage
World Heritage site
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
World Journal, US newspaper
World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
World Customs Organization
world famous
World Intellectual Property Organization
ranked number one in the world / the world's first
World food program (United Nations aid agency)
world record
global economy / world economy
World Economic Forum
World Uighur Congress
world famous
World Health Assembly
worldview / world outlook / Weltanschauung

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