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lightning / CL:
machinery and power-generating equipment / electromechanical
  *电* | 电* | *电
lightning / electricity / electric (bound form) / to get (or give) an electric shock / phone call or telegram etc / to send via telephone or telegram etc
to recharge (a battery) / (fig.) to recharge one's batteries (through leisure) / to update one's skills and knowledge
household electric appliance / abbr. for 家用電器|家用电器
hydroelectric power / plumbing and electricity
to call sb back (on the phone) / a return call / to reply to a telegram / to wire back / a reply telegram
to generate electricity / to send a telegram
electricity transmission / to transmit electricity
incoming telephone call (or telegram) / to phone in; to send in a telegram / to have an instant attraction to sb / (of electricity, after an outage) to come back
radio and television / broadcasting
static electricity
to phone / to telegram
thunder and lightning
post and telecommunications
power transformation
nuclear power
electrical discharge / (coll.) to lure / to entice
to experience a power outage; to have a power failure
to have a power failure / power cut
to get an electric shock / to be electrocuted / electric shock
flashlight / torch
to save electricity / power saving
to consume electricity / power consumption
to electrify / to charge / electrification / live (as in "live wire")
to leak electricity / (fig.) (coll.) to unintentionally arouse romantic interest (by being solicitous etc) / cf. 放電|放电
congratulatory telegram
to set up an electric circuit / to electrify / to switch on / to be connected to an electricity grid / open telegram
thermal power
color TV
alternating current
radio wave (astronomy)
reports from foreign news agencies
to supply electricity
positive charge (electricity)
negative electric charge
coded telegram / secret telegram
a telegram of condolence
atmospherics / static
diathermia (medical treatment involving local heating of body tissues with electric current)
piezoelectricity (physics)
negative electric charge
wind power
proceeding at a tremendous pace / getting on like a house on fire
positive electric charge
electrical leakage
electricity shortage
notebook (computer) / CL: 臺|台,
to flash / a flash (literary)
electric (apparatus) / electrified / having electricity supply (of a house)
to conduct electricity
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), founded in 1987 (abbreviated name)
direct current
to save electricity
uncharged; electrically neutral
unplugged (of rock musicians performing on acoustic instruments)
alternating current / same as 交流電|交流电
mini laptop or notebook (computer) / netbook / CL: 臺|台,
to send a telegram
NEC (Nippon Electronic Company) / abbr. for 日電電子|日电电子
nuclear power generation
discharged / flat / dead (of batteries)
ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC)
thermal power generation
to charge (a battery)
superconductance (physics)
(of a circuit breaker or switch) to trip
onshore wind power
(Tw) onshore wind power
high voltage

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