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  *甫* | 甫* | *甫
(classical) barely / just / just now
Koo Chen-fu (1917-2005), Taiwanese businessman and diplomat
Du Fu (712-770), great Tang dynasty poet
two-character surname Huangfu
as soon as / immediately after
Pavlov (name) / Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (1849-1936), Russian experimental psychologist
Huangfu Song (-195), later Han general and warlord
Wang Shifu (fl. 1295-1307), author of Romance of the West Chamber 西廂記|西厢记
variant of 神父
Li Linfu (-752), Tang politician, chancellor under Tang emperor Xuanzong 玄宗
to have just recovered from a shock
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage (park and museum in Chengdu)
Yusuf, Arabic given name (Joseph)
(polite) courtesy name
Huangfu Bo (c. 800), Minister during early Tang
court crown beneath straw shoe (idiom); everything turned upside down

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