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  *甩* | 甩* | *甩
to throw / to fling / to swing / to leave behind / to throw off / to dump (sb)
(Internet slang) to shift the blame / to pass the buck
to shake off / to get rid of
to mark down (the price of goods) / to sell off cheap
to throw off / to fling sth up (in anger) / refers to dramatic sale prices
to fling back one's head
to throw off / to abandon / to cast off / to get rid of / to dump
to swing one's arms / to wash one's hands of sth
to shake / to fling one's arm / to lash / to swing
drifting (motorsport)
to uncouple (wagons or trucks from a train)
to fling vigorously / fig. to reduce drastically
lit. arm-flinging shopkeeper / fig. sb who asks others to work but does nothing himself
clearance sale / fire sale
to throw off inhibitions / to go all out
lit. to fling off a bundle / fig. to abandon one's responsibility for sth / to wash one's hands of the matter
to grimace with displeasure / to pull a long face
to cast far from oneself / to leave sb far behind / to outdistance
dice cup
to fling one's arms and stamp one's feet (in anger or despair)
to swing one's sleeve (in anger)

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