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tennis / tennis ball / CL: 個|个
the earth / CL: 個|个
shuttlecock / badminton / CL: 個|个
table tennis / ping-pong / table tennis ball / CL: 個|个
entire / total / global / the (whole) world / worldwide
baseball / CL: 個|个, 隻|只
soccer ball / a football / CL: 個|个 / soccer / football
around the world / worldwide
basketball / CL: 個|个, 隻|只
  *球* | 球* | *球
ball / sphere / globe / CL: 個|个 / ball game / match / CL: 場|场
celestial body (e.g. planet, satellite etc) / heavenly body
(ball sports) good shot! / nice hit! / well played!
table tennis / table tennis ball (Tw) / billiards / pool / snooker (HK, Singapore, Malaysia)
golf / golf ball
ice hockey / puck
corner kick (in soccer) / free strike in hockey
volleyball / CL: 個|个
American football
the moon
ten-pin bowling (loanword) / bowling ball
pass (in soccer) / to feed (ball)
hot air balloon
to bat / to hit a ball (sport)
team handball
sports such as ping-pong and badminton that use small balls / see also 大球
sports such as soccer, basketball and volleyball that use large balls / see also 小球
to watch a football game (or other ball game) / Fore! (golf) / Watch out for the ball!
to serve the ball / to tee off
ball / sphere / globe
Ryūkyū / refers to the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛 stretching from Japan to Taiwan / Liuchiu township in Pingtung County 屏東縣|屏东县, Taiwan
cricket (ball game)
football played with oval-shaped ball (rugby, American football, Australian rules etc)
penalty shot / penalty kick (in sports)
ball (made of rubber, leather etc)
squash (sport)
penalty kick
East and West hemispheres
to dribble (basketball, soccer etc)
to score a goal / goal
field hockey
eyeball / (fig.) attention
nine-ball (billiards game)
lawn bowls / bocce / pétanque / bowling ball
high ball / lob (in tennis) / golf (abbr. of 高爾夫球|高尔夫球)
the whole world
to concede points (in a game)
beach volleyball
erythrocyte / red blood cell
billiards / billiards ball / pool (game)
ten-pin bowling / bowling ball / (baseball etc) ground ball
to set up a teammate (with an opportunity to score) / to throw a game
to play ball / to play with a ball
bastard / wretch / scoundrel
shower puff / bath sponge / bath ball (containing aromas or salts)
water polo
croquet / goal ball (served by the goal keeper)
crystal ball (in Western magic)
to play golf
cue ball (in pool etc)
cricket (ball game) / also called 板球
kung fu balls
men's basketball
to kick a ball around / (fig.) to mutually shirk responsibility / to pass the buck
trackball (computing)
yo-yo (loanword)
variant of 琉球, Ryūkyū, e.g. the Ryūkyū Islands 琉球群島|琉球群岛 stretching from Japan to Taiwan
Southern Hemisphere
shot put (athletics event)
(table tennis) edge ball / (fig.) actions that are technically legal but perhaps not respectable
scouring ball
Northern Hemisphere
sliding tackle (soccer)
balloon modeling / balloon twisting
premier soccer league / superleague
ball cactus
white blood cell / leukocyte
free kick
rebound (basketball)
moon landing / to land on the moon
drop shot (in tennis or volleyball)
cue ball (in billiards)
dangerous ball (in soccer, volleyball etc)
(math.) pseudosphere, a surface in ordinary space of constant negative curvature
own goal (ball sports)
glomerulus (medicine)
tchoukball (loanword)
to receive a served ball (volleyball, tennis etc) / to catch a ball thrown by sb
to play marbles
tater tot
charcoal briquette
(sports) to steal / to intercept the ball

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