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Hyundai, South Korean company
modern times / modern age / modern era
modernization / CL: 個|个
modern man / Homo sapiens
modern pentathlon
modern dance
Hyundai, the Korean corporation
modern music / contemporary music
modernist faction / modernists
modern history
modernization of national defense, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
modernization of agriculture, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
fifth modernization, i.e. democracy, cf Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations 鄧小平|邓小平, 四個現代化|四个现代化
modernization of science and technology, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations
Deng Xiaoping's four modernizations practiced from the 1980s (possibly planned together with Zhou Enlai), namely: modernization of industry, agriculture, national defense and science and technology / abbr. to 四化
the modern form
Modern New Confucianism / see also 新儒家
In search of Modern China by Jonathan D Spence 史景遷|史景迁
modern history and contemporary history
modernization of industry, one of Deng Xiaoping's Four Modernizations

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