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  *班* | 班* | *班
team / class / squad / work shift / ranking / CL: 個|个 / classifier for groups
scheduled flight / flight number / plane / scheduled sailing / sailing number / passenger ship
  *班* | 班* | *班
surname Ban
training class
to finish work / to get off work
tai-pan / business executive / foreign business manager / top class of kindergarten or school grade
to go to work / to be on duty / to start work / to go to the office
to work a shift / on duty
to work overtime
cram class / cram school / evening classes
tutorial class / remedial class / preparatory course
to take over (from those working the previous shift) / to take over (in a leadership role etc) / to succeed sb
Lu Ban, legendary master craftsman, called the father of Chinese carpentry
to be in the same class / to be in the same squad / classmate
to start and finish work
to join a class partway through the course
supervisor / foreman / head waiter or waitress
night shift
early shift / morning work shift
attendant / footman (servant)
to arrange (shifts, runs, classes etc) in order
Brisbane, capital of Queensland, Australia
to check on sb at his workplace / to come to a movie set to visit one of the actors
shift working
to work one's shift
day shift
to follow the prescribed order; to keep to the working routine (idiom)
to change shift / the next work shift / to relieve (a workman on the previous shift) / to take over the job
intensive course / crash course
seminar / workshop
after-school program
to skip work / to sneak out of work early
to hand over to the next workshift
to work office hours / on duty
to act as substitute / to fill in for sb
to change shifts / to work in turns
class of underachievers / dunces' class (Tw)
after-school program (Tw)
short training course
Durban (city in South Africa)
remedial stream (in school)
after-school program
class composed of gifted students (Tw)
instructional workshop
(Tw) to take over sb's job / to substitute for
to group students into classes / to divide people (staff members etc) into groups
day shift
dental plaque
(Tw) grouping of students into classes of mixed ability
(old) footman / servant
the whole class
to take over sb else's job / to substitute for
advanced stream (in school) / express (train, bus etc)
follow the prescribed order / keep to conventional ways
Alan Greenspan (1926-), US economist
behind schedule / late
to divide people into groups, teams, squads etc
to repeat a year in school
to contribute
to change shift
Taliban (Farsi: student), Afghan guerrilla faction

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