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  *珠* | 珠* | *珠
bead / pearl / CL: , 顆|颗
pearl / CL: 顆|颗
pearl / jewel (of great value)
Haizhu district of Guangzhou city 廣州市|广州市, Guangdong
Dragon Ball, Japanese manga and anime series
droplet / dewdrop
bearing ball
joined as a string of pearls / in rapid succession / alignment / Renju, a Japanese game, also called Gomoku or five-in-a-row
ball / bead / ballpoint
a teardrop
steel ball / bearing ball
beads of sweat
prayer beads / rosary / rosary beads / CL:
one's eyes / eyeball
Cabernet Sauvignon (grape type)
dzi bead, a type of stone bead highly prized in Tibet for many centuries, reputed to hold supernatural power
sparkling with wit (idiom)
unrecognized talent
lit. a pearl in the palm (idiom) / fig. beloved person (esp. daughter)
Cabernet Franc (grape type)
to dive for pearls
to pass off fish eyes for pearls / to pass off fake products as genuine (idiom)
light bulb
(idiom) blind as a bat (figuratively) / unaware of who (or what) one is dealing with / to fail to recognize what sb a bit more perceptive would
to buy a wooden box and return the pearls inside / to show poor judgment (idiom)
pupil of the eye
Cabernet Gernischt (grape type)
undiscovered talent (idiom)
Pearl S. Buck (1892-1973), American writer known for her novels on Asian cultures, Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize laureate
muscovite, mica (used in TCM) / Muscovitum
rosary / prayer beads
Pearl of Great Price (Mormonism)
the brightest jewel in the crown
sparkling with wit (idiom)
to pluck a pearl from the black dragon (idiom, from Zhuangzi); fig. to pick out the salient points (from a tangled situation) / to see through to the nub
lit. an old oyster producing a pearl (idiom) / fig. birthing a son at an advanced age
court beads (derived from Buddhist prayer beads)
lit. cutting one's stomach to hide a pearl (idiom) / fig. wasting a lot of effort on trivialities
pearl / usually written 珍珠
rosary (Catholic prayer beads)
white of the eye

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