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prince / son of a king
king / CL: 個|个
  *王* | 王* | *王
surname Wang
  *王* | 王* | *王
king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great
  *王* | 王* | *王
to rule / to reign over
kingdom / realm
trump card
One Piece (manga and anime)
hegemon / overlord / despot
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记
Dragon King (mythology)
sovereign king
prince / marquis / nobleman
Tyrannosaurus rex
devil king / evil person
Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one's wife)
emperor / god / Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title / see also 洪秀全
Wang Wei (701-761), Tang Dynasty poet
regent / monarch
Poseidon, Greek god of the sea / Neptune, Roman god of the sea / Aquaman, DC comic book superhero
king / magnate / person having expert skill in something
robber baron (in opera, old stories) / magnate
Wang Yi (1953-), PRC foreign minister (2013-) and state councilor (2018-)
Wang Anshi (1021-1086), Song dynasty politician and writer, one of the Eight Giants 唐宋八大家
King Arthur
Wang Xizhi (303-361), famous calligrapher of Eastern Jin, known as the sage of calligraphy 書聖|书圣
queen / CL: 個|个,
Faye Wong (1969-), Hong Kong pop star and actress
prince's mansion
Wang Zhaojun (52-19 BC), famous beauty at the court of Han emperor Yuan 漢元帝|汉元帝, one of the four legendary beauties 四大美女
boxing champion
imperial palace
eating champion
Prince Charming / knight in shining armor
queen bee
King Gou Jian of Yue (c. 470 BC), sometimes considered one of the Five Hegemons 春秋五霸
Wayne Wang (1949-), Chinese US film director
same as 閻羅王|阎罗王 / Yama, King of Hell / translation of Sanskrit: Yama Raja
tortoise / cuckold / (old) male owner of a brothel / pimp
Street Fighter (video game series)
royalty / royal power
Wang Dao (276-339), powerful official of Jin dynasty and brother of general Wang Dun 王敦, regent of Jin from 325
the Way of the King / statecraft / benevolent rule / virtuous as opposed to the Way of Hegemon 霸道
Wang Li (1900-1986), one of the pioneers of modern Chinese linguistics
Wong Kar-wai (1956-), Hong Kong film director
Wang Xuan (1937-2006), Chinese printing industry innovator
The Conqueror Bids Farewell to His Favorite Concubine (tragic opera by Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳) / Farewell My Concubine (1993 film by Chen Kaige)
King Lear, 1605 tragedy by William Shakespeare 莎士比亞|莎士比亚
Joey Wong (1967-), Taiwanese actress
Wang Qishan (1948-), PRC politician
Burger King (fast food restaurant)
princess (in Europe)
title of king / kingship
another name for 西王母, Queen Mother of the West
(literary) paternal grandmother
Wang Yangming (1472-1529), Ming dynasty Neo-Confucian philosopher, influential in the School of Mind 心學|心学
sage ruler
Tengwang Tower in Nanchang, Jiangxi / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓|岳阳楼 in Yueyang, north Hunan, and Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓|黄鹤楼 in Wuhan, Hubei
royal family / royal household
Wang Zhen (1908-1993), Chinese political figure
Wang Guowei (1877-1927), noted scholar
to win the championship / (of an emperor) to bestow the title of king on a subject
Wang Meng (325-375), prime minister to Fu Jian 苻堅|苻坚 of Former Qin 前秦
Wang Mang (45 BC-23 AD), usurped power and reigned 9-23 between the former and later Han
Wang Dan (1969-), Chinese dissident, one of the leaders of the Beijing student democracy movement of 1989
King Xuan, eleventh King of Zhou, reigned (828-782 BC)
(law) unfair clause / unequal clause
princes and dukes / aristocrat
Wang Ping (1962-2013), PRC crosstalk actor
Yuwangtai district of Kaifeng city 開封市|开封市, Henan
Elvis Presley (1935-1977), US pop singer and film star / transliterated as 埃爾維斯·普雷斯利|埃尔维斯·普雷斯利
Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan, a recent Han dynasty archaeological site
Wang Nan (1978-), female PRC table tennis player, Olympic medalist
Queen Victoria (reigned 1837-1901)
royal jelly
children of the nobility
Neptune (planet)
King You of Zhou (795-771 BC), last king of Western Zhou 西周
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen / also written 灶神
Wang Wu, name for an unspecified person, third of a series of three: 張三|张三, 李四, 王五 Tom, Dick and Harry
four proverbial names / Tom, Dick and Harry
Tudor Dynasty, ruled England 1485-1603
crown prince / heir to throne
sage kings
the four heavenly kings (Sanskrit vajra) / the four guardians or warrior attendants of Buddha
Wang Zhu (-c. 990), Song calligrapher and writer
devil incarnate (idiom) / fiend in human form
same as 閻羅王|阎罗王 / Yama, King of Hell / translation of Sanskrit: Yama Raja
United Kingdom
(coll.) person who makes people laugh / funny guy
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