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kingdom / realm
  *王* | 王* | *王
surname Wang
  *王* | 王* | *王
king or monarch / best or strongest of its type / grand / great
  *王* | 王* | *王
to rule / to reign over
prince / son of a king
trump card
hegemon / overlord / despot
king / magnate / person having expert skill in something
robber baron (in opera, old stories) / magnate
Dragon King (mythology)
prince / marquis / nobleman
Poseidon, Greek god of the sea / Neptune, Roman god of the sea / Aquaman, DC comic book superhero
king / CL: 個|个
princess (in Europe)
devil king / evil person
One Piece (manga and anime)
regent / monarch
the Way of the King / statecraft / benevolent rule / virtuous as opposed to the Way of Hegemon 霸道
Wang Lee-Hom (1976-), Taiwanese-American singer
boxing champion
emperor / god / Hong Xiuquan's self-proclaimed title / see also 洪秀全
royal family / royal household
Street Fighter (video game series)
imperial palace
royalty / royal power
Burger King (fast food restaurant)
same as 閻羅王|阎罗王 / Yama, King of Hell / translation of Sanskrit: Yama Raja
sage ruler
Faye Wong (1969-), Hong Kong pop star and actress
The Conqueror Bids Farewell to His Favorite Concubine (tragic opera by Mei Lanfang 梅蘭芳|梅兰芳) / Farewell My Concubine (1993 film by Chen Kaige)
prince's mansion
sovereign king
another name for 西王母, Queen Mother of the West
(literary) paternal grandmother
Neptune (planet)
Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan, a recent Han dynasty archaeological site
Wang Wei (701-761), Tang Dynasty poet
Wanglaoji (beverage brand)
Joey Wong (1967-), Taiwanese actress
title of king / kingship
Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, character with supernatural powers in the novel Journey to the West 西遊記|西游记
Yuwangtai district of Kaifeng city 開封市|开封市, Henan
Siziwang banner or Dörvön-xüüxed khoshuu in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia
queen / CL: 個|个,
Wang Xizhi (303-361), famous calligrapher of Eastern Jin, known as the sage of calligraphy 書聖|书圣
Tengwang Tower in Nanchang, Jiangxi / one of three famous pagodas in China along with Yueyang Tower 岳陽樓|岳阳楼 in Yueyang, north Hunan, and Yellow Crane Tower 黃鶴樓|黄鹤楼 in Wuhan, Hubei
the four heavenly kings (Sanskrit vajra) / the four guardians or warrior attendants of Buddha
Wang Guowei (1877-1927), noted scholar
eating champion
Tyrannosaurus rex
Wang Ming (1904-1974), Soviet trained Chinese communist, Comintern and Soviet stooge and left adventurist in the 1930s, fell out with Mao and moved to Soviet Union from 1956
King Arthur
Wangyi District of Tongchuan City 銅川市|铜川市, Shaanxi
Wang Mang (45 BC-23 AD), usurped power and reigned 9-23 between the former and later Han
crown prince / heir to throne
Elvis Presley (1935-1977), US pop singer and film star / transliterated as 埃爾維斯·普雷斯利|埃尔维斯·普雷斯利
Wang Qishan (1948-), PRC politician
bastard (insult) / son of a bitch
Siziwang banner or Dörvön-xüüxed khoshuu in Ulaanchab 烏蘭察布|乌兰察布, Inner Mongolia
Wang Li (1900-1986), one of the pioneers of modern Chinese linguistics
stage name of Cyndi Wang / see 王君如
Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one's wife)
Wang Yangming (1472-1529), Ming dynasty Neo-Confucian philosopher, influential in the School of Mind 心學|心学
devil incarnate (idiom) / fiend in human form
tortoise / cuckold / (old) male owner of a brothel / pimp
Wang Ying (character in the "Water Margin")
cowherb (Vaccaria segetalis) / cowherb seeds (used in TCM)
Wang Bo (650-676), one of the Four Great Poets of the Early Tang 初唐四傑|初唐四杰
Wang Anshi (1021-1086), Song dynasty politician and writer, one of the Eight Giants 唐宋八大家
to win the championship / (of an emperor) to bestow the title of king on a subject
Wang Dan (1969-), Chinese dissident, one of the leaders of the Beijing student democracy movement of 1989
Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997)
"super plastic" (term used to refer to Teflon)
Wong Kar-wai (1956-), Hong Kong film director
queen bee
sage kings
United Kingdom
Aqua regia
Wang Su (c. 195-256), classical scholar of Cao Wei dynasty, believed to have forged several classical texts
Wang Zhen (1908-1993), Chinese political figure
Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva of the Great Vow (to save all souls before accepting Bodhi) / also translated Earth Treasury, Earth Womb, or Earth Store Bodhisattva
Wang Ping (1962-2013), PRC crosstalk actor
King Xuan of Qi (reigned 342-324 BC)
princes and dukes / aristocrat
Yuwangtai district of Kaifeng city 開封市|开封市, Henan
Zaoshen, the god of the kitchen / also written 灶神
Prince Charming / knight in shining armor
Wang Zhaojun (52-19 BC), famous beauty at the court of Han emperor Yuan 漢元帝|汉元帝, one of the four legendary beauties 四大美女
the Way of the Hegemon / despotic rule / abbr. to 霸道
Wayne Wang (1949-), Chinese US film director
Chuangwang or Roaming King, adopted name of late Ming peasant rebel leader Li Zicheng 李自成 (1605-1645)

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