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to infringe on / to encroach on / to violate / to assault
to offend
to violate / to offend
  *犯* | 犯* | *犯
to violate / to offend / to assault / criminal / crime / to make a mistake / recurrence (of mistake or sth bad)
convict / prisoner / criminal
to commit a crime / crime / offense
to break the rules / an illegality / a foul
to err / to make a mistake / to do the wrong thing
criminal suspect
to break the law
murderer / homicide
prisoner / convict
scene of the crime
to feel embarrassed / to feel awkward
escaped criminal / fugitive from the law (criminal suspect on the run)
wanted criminal / fugitive (from the law)
a criminal gang
war criminal
to fall ill
major criminal
to worry / to be anxious
to invade one's territory
crime syndicate
criminal / culprit / suspect (old)
not worthwhile
serious criminal / felon
to violate / to infringe
to repeatedly commit an offense / repeat offender / habitual criminal / recidivist / recidivism
deliberate violation (idiom); intentional crime
to disrespect one's superiors / to offend one's elders
to hesitate / to have second thoughts / to be concerned / to brood (over sth) / to complain
crime committed by an organization
to be foolish / to play dumb / to gaze absentmindedly
to violate a ban
worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile) / also written 犯得上
female offender in imperial China (old)
to repeat a crime / persistent offender
first offender / first offense
to know the law and break it (idiom); consciously going against the rules
previous sins
to flout the law
a suspect
to commit a crime or offence
recidivist / habitual criminal
to violate a taboo
prisoner of conscience
violent crime
to be afraid / to feel nervous
to rebel against the emperor (idiom)
(coll.) to get sleepy
a criminal
(idiom) (of soldiers) highly disciplined, not committing the slightest offence against civilians
young criminal / juvenile delinquent
accessory to a crime / accomplice
to go against the rules (of a religious order) / to break a ban (e.g. medical)
criminal caught red-handed
a grade A war criminal
(dialect) to talk nonsense / garrulous
political prisoner
confused / mixed up / muddled up / befuddled
to assault sexually / to molest
(idiom) one cannot afford to incur public wrath / it is dangerous to incur the anger of the masses
casual offender / casual offense
escaped prisoner
criminal at large
worthwhile (often in rhetorical questions, implying not worthwhile)
successive offenses / serial crime
illegal drug / narcotic
to use the tabooed name 名諱|名讳 of hierarchical superiors (old) / to violate a taboo / to use a taboo word or character
a suspect
to become excited
to offend one's superiors
to raid / an intrusion (of the enemy, or bandit groups)
to break the law / to commit a crime
criminal / perpetrator
to turn out in force ready to attack (idiom)
criminal whose arrest has been ordered by the emperor
criminal intent
variant of 犯怵
to invade
everyone minds their own business
to commit (an error) often / common (mistake)
lit. river water does not interfere with well water (idiom); Do not interfere with one another. / Mind your own business.
to keep doing (the wrong thing)
inviolable / inviolability
criminal offense

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