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tooth / ivory / CL: 顆|颗
(coll.) eye tooth (maxillary canine tooth)
to brush one's teeth
deciduous tooth / milk tooth / baby tooth
to grind one's teeth (during sleep) / pointless arguing / (coll.) molar
crescent moon
ivory / elephant tusk
scaling and polishing (dentistry)
tooth decay / dental cavities / CL: 顆|颗, 個|个
false teeth / dentures
Jiang Ziya (c. 1100 BC, dates of birth and death unknown), partly mythical sage advisor to King Wen of Zhou 周文王 and purported author of “Six Secret Strategic Teachings” 六韜|六韬, one of the Seven Military Classics of ancient China 武經七書|武经七书
to clench one's teeth / to grind the teeth / gnaw
scaling and polishing (dentistry)
to grow teeth / to teethe
The Hague (city in the Netherlands) / Den Haag
to extract a tooth
a tooth for a tooth (retaliation)
buck tooth / projecting tooth
pawn / lackey / accomplice (in crime) / collaborator / henchman / claws and teeth
to fill a tooth (cavity) / to have a tooth filled / a dental filling
a year-end dinner for employees
tusk / fang
al dente
permanent tooth (as opposed to deciduous tooth 乳牙) / adult tooth
very old / obsolete / out of date
canine tooth / fang / tusk
to grow replacement teeth (zoology) / to grow permanent teeth in place of milk teeth
toothless / (fig.) powerless / ineffectual / weak
incisor / molar / screw die / threading die
abutment tooth (dentistry)
incisor tooth
deciduous tooth / milk tooth / baby tooth / also written 乳齒|乳齿
clever and eloquent speaker (idiom)
to have a false tooth set in / denture
buck teeth
Yamanya township in Shule county, Kashgar, Xinjiang
molar tooth
to laugh one's head off / ridiculous / jaw-dropping
ferocious-looking (idiom)
wisdom tooth
caries / rotten tooth (colloquial) / see also 齲齒|龋齿
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth (idiom) / fig. to use the enemy's methods against him / to give sb a taste of his own medicine
to pick one's teeth
to be looking for one's teeth all over the floor / (fig.) to get beaten up badly / to beat the crap out of (sb)
Buddha's tooth (a holy relic)
venomous fang
real estate agent (old)
(coll.) to be out of luck
no ivory comes from the mouth of a dog (idiom) / no good words are to be expected from a scoundrel
sound of dogs fighting, also written 吽呀
to get food stuck between one's teeth

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