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  *爽* | 爽* | *爽
bright / clear / crisp / open / frank / straightforward / to feel well / fine / pleasurable / invigorating / to deviate
fresh and cool / relaxed
cool and refreshing
fresh and tasty
toner (cosmetics)
clear and bright (of weather) / straightforward / candid / open
clear and refreshing autumn weather
dry and clean / clear and fresh
to feel great / blissful / to be in bliss
(of a person) valiant and formidable-looking / to carry oneself tall
refreshed / rejuvenated / frank and straightforward
outspoken and straightforward / forthright / expansive
(idiom) full of vitality / relaxed and alert
cool fresh air / straightforward
heroic / valiant
with alacrity / frank and spontaneous
straightforward / outspoken
the cool autumn breeze (idiom)
well-tried / time-tested
readily / in short order
appropriate retribution (idiom)
sharp and clear / frank / straightfoward / quick / brisk / crisp and tasty
to miss an appointment
efficient / brisk / neat
baby powder / talcum powder
clear / open / bright
Capri-Sun, juice drink brand
open and happy / carefree / at a loss / confused
beautiful and heartwarming
in short order / straightforward
not to deviate an iota (idiom) / to be extremely accurate
to feel well / healthy and carefree
pleasant to behold / attractive
not to deviate one hair's breadth (idiom) / to be extremely accurate
at a loss / confused / not know what to do next
comfort food
not well / out of sorts / in a bad mood / without discrepancy / accurate

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