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father's father / paternal grandfather
  *父* | 父* | *父
used for 師傅|师傅 (in Taiwan) / master / qualified worker
wife's father, father-in-law
father or founder of a nation / Father of the Republic (Sun Yat-sen)
Christian priest or clergyman / (spiritual) father
biological father
Heavenly Father
to be orphaned of one's father
adoptive father
father's sister's husband / husband of paternal aunt / uncle
father's younger brother / uncle
father / old man / venerable sir
foster father / adoptive father
(polite) my father
paternal uncle
father's elder brother / term of respect for older man / CL: 個|个
mother's brother / maternal uncle
husband of mother's sister / uncle
Holy Father / God the Father (in the Christian Trinity)
with different father (e.g. of half-brother)
patricide / to kill one's own father
strict or stern father
(of siblings) having the same mother but different fathers / half (brother or sister)
deceased father / my late father
lit. to acknowledge the bandit as one's father (idiom); fig. a complete betrayal / to sell oneself to the enemy
(term of respect) second only to father / like a father (to me)
Abba (Aramaic word father) / by ext. God the Father in Christian gospel
uncle (father's youngest brother)
maternal grandfather (i.e. mother's father)
lit. teacher for one day, father for ever (idiom)
Aviation Thermobaric Bomb of Increased Power (ATBIP), or Father of All Bombs, a powerful Russian bomb
father's father's father / paternal great-grandfather
great-grandfather (mother's grandfather)
Xu Qinfu (1891-1953), journalist and writer
foster father
father's father's brother / great uncle
nobody understands one's son better than his father (idiom)

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