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  *爱* | 爱* | *爱
to love; to be fond of; to like / affection / to be inclined (to do sth); to tend to (happen)
adorable / cute / lovely
to like; to be fond of; to take pleasure in; to be keen on / interest; hobby / CL: 個|个
romance; love (romantic) / CL:
dear / beloved / darling
to love ardently / to adore
(romantic) love / CL: 個|个, 場|场 / in love / to have an affair
compassion / kindness / care for others / love / CL: / charity (bazaar, golf day etc) / heart (the symbol ♥)
to cherish / to treasure / to take care of / to love and protect
to cherish / to treasure / to use sparingly
to love and respect / love and respect
Jane Eyre, novel by Charlotte Brontë 夏洛特·勃良特
true love
Édouard Daladier (1884-1970), French politician
Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849), American poet and novelist
sex / lovemaking
to love dearly
to like / to love / to be fond of / favorite
to love one's country / patriotic
to fall in love with / to be in love with
to show concern and care for
romance film
pure love / BL, aka boys' love (genre of male homoerotic fictional media)
to love each other
philharmonic orchestra
Aegean (sea between Greece and Turkey)
music-loving / philharmonic
Northern Ireland
spouse (PRC) / lover (non-PRC) / CL: 個|个
to make love
Aihui district of Heihe city 黑河, Heilongjiang
Edward / Édouard (name)
to dote on sb
love of beauty / wishing to appear beautiful / to set store by one's appearance
maternal love
passionate love (idiom)
friendly affection / fraternal love
Edinburgh, capital of Scotland
Emma Watson (1990-), British actress
to cherish
paternal love
to adore / to admire
Alice (name)
in love with / to feel deeply attached to
Ren'ai or Jenai District of Keelung City 基隆市, Taiwan / Ren'ai or Jenai Township in Nantou County 南投縣|南投县, central Taiwan
benevolence / charity / compassion
Hermès (brand)
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), German-born theoretical physicist
true love
to be partial towards sth / to favor / to prefer / preference / favorite
Bo'ai county in Jiaozuo 焦作, Henan
universal fraternity (or brotherhood) / universal love
Eskimo / Inuit
to treasure / to be very fond of
Aimin district of Mudanjiang city 牡丹江市, Heilongjiang
the river of love / a stumbling block on the path to enlightenment (Buddhism)
love / devotion (to children) / affection, esp. towards children
respect and love
to love sth too much to part with it (idiom); to fondle admiringly
affection / friendly feelings towards sb / love
to be keen on / to have a passion for
to woo
to spoil / to pamper / to dote on
(coll.) to make love
Aegean Sea
beloved pet dog
Ericsson (Swedish telecommunications company)
god of love
Edwards (name)
beloved son
to admire talented people / to value talent
Edison (name) / Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), American inventor and businessman
self-respect / self-love / self-regard / regard for oneself / to cherish one's good name / to take good care of one's health
Aichi prefecture, central Japan
misplaced kindness / humble term: I do not deserve your many kindnesses.
to have tender affection for / to love tenderly / to pamper sb
most beloved
to love tenderly / affection / loving care / to caress
to caress / to fondle / to look after (tenderly) / affectionate care
May Fourth Movement / Chinese national renewal movement that started with 4th May 1919 protest against the Treaty of Versailles
Idaho, US state
to murmur endearments (idiom) / to get into a romantic relationship
to feel a mixture of love and hate
trusted lieutenant
Idaho, US state
respect the old and cherish the young
to love the common people as one's own children (praise for a virtuous ruler)
lit. love the house and its crow (idiom); involvement with sb and everyone connected / Love me, love my dog.
unable to help however much one would like to (idiom); Although we sympathize, there is no way to help you. / My hands are tied.
to resign oneself to part with what one treasures
to be kind and love one another (idiom); bound by deep emotions
Aiwan Pavilion, on Mt Yuelu 岳麓山 in Hubei, famous beauty spot
courtesy umbrella (one made available for borrowing)
to show tenderness / to coo over / affection
to part with sth cherished / to forsake

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