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candle / CL: ,
  *烛* | 烛* | *烛
candle / (literary) to illuminate
candle light / candle-lit (vigil etc) / candela, unit of luminous intensity (cd)
red candle (used during birthdays and other celebrations)
candlestick / candle holder
bridal room and ornamented candles / wedding festivities (idiom)
candle flame
variant of 炳燭|炳烛
wedding night
joss stick and candle
fire and candles / household things that burn
one's late days / to have one foot in the grave
Wrightia tinctoria (flowering plant in Apocynaceae family, common names dyer's oleander or pala indigo)
drop of melted wax that runs down the side of a candle
some people have to be pushed for them to take action
lit. candle in the wind (idiom) / fig. (of sb's life) feeble / hanging on a thread
candlestick holder / candlestand / candelabra
Candlemas (Christian Festival on 2nd February)
to burn the candle at both ends (idiom) / to labor under a double burden
lit. like a candle in the wind, or frost on the roof (idiom) / fig. (of sb's life) feeble / hanging on a thread
by bright candlelight

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