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  *热* | 热* | *热
to warm up / to heat up / hot (of weather) / heat / fervent
blistering hot / sizzling hot (weather)
affectionate / intimate / warmhearted / to get intimate with sb
fiery / burning / fervent / ardent / passionate
to heat
to have a high temperature / feverish / unable to think calmly / to emit heat
to dissipate heat
electrical heating
to preheat / warm-up
to insulate thermally / insulating (material, effect etc)
zealotry / fanatical / feverish
to alleviate fever (medicine) / to clear internal heat (Chinese medicine)
heating (for a building) / to supply heating
heat resistant / fireproof
to overheat (e.g. an economy)
tepid / to warm up (food etc)
burning hot / scorching / worried
residual heat / surplus heat / fig. old people's capacity for work
great heat / very popular
heated / sunstroke
a fever
extremely hot (weather) / blazing (sun) / (fig.) burning (enthusiasm)
red-hot / glowing / blazing / (fig.) passionate
heat transfer / heat transmission
sultry / sultriness / hot and stuffy / stifling hot
to insulate thermally / (physics) adiabatic
English language fan / enthusiasm for English
hot flush
lit. burn your hand, feel the heat (idiom) / fig. arrogance of the powerful / a mighty figure no-one dares approach / hot (exciting or in favor)
specific heat
to relieve fever
white heat / incandescence
to reduce fever
heat absorption
a low fever (up to 38°C)
deep water and scorching fire / abyss of suffering (idiom)
torrid heat
recurring fever
now hot, now cold / (of one's mood, affection etc) to alternate
hot (summer) weather
rheumatic fever
hemorrhage fever
steam or heat tracing
scarlet fever
dengue fever / Singapore hemorrhagic fever
to covet / envious
to raise prices by speculation / to hype
to generate heat
(idiom) to be on very good terms with each other / to hit it off with sb / to be passionately in love with each other / to carry on intimately with / (of trading, conflict etc) to be in full swing
gold rush
latent heat
canine distemper (mammalian disease caused by Canine morbillivirus)
latent heat of evaporation
heartburn / pyrosis
one-sided enthusiasm (abbr. for 剃頭挑子一頭熱|剃头挑子一头热)
to heat evenly (e.g. in smelting metal)
psittacosis / ornithosis / parrot fever
to trend / to get popular quickly / sudden heat wave (weather)
postnatal fever / puerperal fever / childbed fever
cultural fever / cultural craze
overheating / popular (craze)
remittent fever
tipsy and merry (idiom)
hay fever
hay fever
nuclear heat
strike the iron while it's hot (idiom)
dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF)
chikungunya fever
lit. only one end of the barber's pole is hot (idiom) / fig. one-sided enthusiasm / one party is interested, but the other, not so much / (Note: In former days, street barbers carried their equipment on a pole, with tools and a stool at one end and a brazier at the other.)
to conserve heat
spotted fever
decay heat
trench fever
to know whether others are cold or hot (idiom) / to be very considerate
sandfly fever
dengue fever
undulant fever / brucellosis

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