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to have a high temperature (from illness) / to have a fever
to ignite / to combust / to burn / combustion / flaming
  *烧* | 烧* | *烧
to burn / to cook / to stew / to bake / to roast / to heat / to boil (tea, water etc) / fever / to run a temperature / (coll.) to let things go to one's head
simmer-fried (dish)
to set fire to / to burn down / burning hot / baked cake
fan / zealot
barbecue / to roast
baked sesame seed-coated cake
burn (injury)
to sinter / to agglomerate ore by burning
to cook on a skewer / barbecued food on a skewer / shish kebab / (fig.) to perform or play songs in sequence / sequence of songs / medley
to burn / to burn down
to burn / to set on fire
name of a famous Tang dynasty wine / same as 白酒
to boil
red braised pork
beaker (glassware)
to burn / to scorch / to cauterize
char siu / barbecued pork
to burn paper offerings (as part of religious ceremony)
to heat until red-hot
to burn incense
a low fever (up to 38°C)
to burn to death
to burn joss paper / (fig.) to flush money down the toilet
shumai (shao mai) steamed dumpling / also written 燒麥|烧麦
to fire (in a kiln)
to heat water / to boil water
fever / high temperature
stewed eggplant
antipyretic (drug to reduce fever, such as sulfanilamide)
caustic soda NaOH
to burn incense / to thank profusely
to burn (a CD or DVD)
dorayaki (a Japanese confection)
to invite trouble
nuée ardente / hot cloud of volcanic ash
to reduce fever
to manufacture charcoal / to burn charcoal (often a reference to suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning)
to calcine (purify by heating)
shumai (shao mai) steamed dumpling / also written 燒賣|烧卖
to burn / to scorch / burned / burning / scorched / charred
laboratory flask
siu mei / spit-roasted meat dish in Cantonese cuisine
While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn (idiom). Where there's life there's hope.
restless with anxiety / unbearably hot and anxious
to light a fire for cooking
to weld
to cook
stir up the fire and you get burnt (idiom); to get one's fingers burnt / fig. to suffer on account of one's own meddling
barbecue (Cantonese style)
teriyaki (Japanese cooking technique)
to burn coal
to roast / to bake (e.g. mineral ore)
to have a fever reaching (a certain temperature)
roast pork bun / cha siu baau
to singe (textiles)
a still (for distilling alcohol)
to make tea
to cook
Molotov cocktail
fire bomb / incendiary device
programmer (electronics)
to worry
barbecue sauce
deflagrating spoon / combustion spoon
burning pain
to casserole / to stew / vacuum flask / cooker
lit. even a prairie fire cannot destroy the grass - it grows again when the breeze blows (proverb) / fig. cannot be easily eliminated / abbr. to 野火春風|野火春风
to burn incense and worship Buddha
burnout / peel out
to fire (pottery)
to forget oneself in extravagance / to burn money
incendiary agent
to bury / funeral rites
lit. the fire burns one's eyebrows (idiom); fig. desperate situation / extreme emergency
to clear waste land or forest by burning / slash-and-burn (agriculture)
yakiniku (Japanese-style grilled meat)
burnt offering (Judaism)
lit. to clasp the Buddha's feet when danger arises (idiom); fig. to profess devotion only when in trouble / doing things at the last minute / to make a hasty last-minute effort (often refers to cramming for exams)
burn (injury) / scorching
to burn the candle at both ends (idiom) / to labor under a double burden
fire bomb / incendiary device
to choose which Buddha to burn incense to (idiom); fig. to curry favor from the right person
burning pain
(old) to burn paper money as an offering

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