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to toughen / to temper / to engage in physical exercise / to work out / (fig.) to develop one's skills / to train oneself
to extract (ore, minerals etc) / to refine / to purify / to process
(of Taoists) to practice austerities / to practice asceticism
to refine with fire
  *炼* | 炼* | *炼
to refine / to smelt
  *炼* | 炼* | *炼
variant of 鏈|链, chain / variant of 煉|炼
to smelt metal
to concoct pills of immortality
(chemistry) to refine
to make steel / steelmaking
smelting iron
to refine (a substance) / to purify / to refine (one's skills, writing etc) / refined / polished / succinct / skilled / capable
oil refinery
coking / the process of producing coke from coal
to smelt
after hard work and numerous revisions (idiom) / the vicissitudes of life
to be tempered into a steel
to condense milk (by evaporation) / condensed milk
to craft one's words
True gold fears no fire. (idiom)
to refine / refining (e.g. oil, chemicals etc)
to polish a phrase
condensed milk
a delicacy (food)
to parch and refine medicinal herbs
lit. to practice austerities to become a Daoist immortal / practice makes perfect
variant of 簡練|简练
a furnace for smelting metal
variant of 凝練|凝练
variant of 洗練|洗练
eight trigrams furnace to cook pills of immortality / symbol of the alchemist's art / Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble
maker of immortality pill / concocting magic pills
to spend a long time thinking about sth while unable to reach a decision
oil refinery
coking furnace
steel mill
iron foundry
high-grade well-tempered steel
refinery (of oil etc)
physical exercise

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