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  *炭* | 炭* | *炭
wood charcoal / coal
coke (processed coal used in blast furnace)
coal (old)
people are in a terrible situation (idiom)
lit. to send charcoal in snowy weather (idiom) / fig. to provide help in sb's hour of need
coal / charcoal / (of skin) darkly pigmented / charcoal (color) / bituminous coal (mining)
to manufacture charcoal / to burn charcoal (often a reference to suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning)
extreme distress / in utter misery
Carboniferous (geological period 354-292m years ago)
Shitanjing subdistrict of Dawukou district 大武口區|大武口区 of Shizuishan city 石嘴山市, Ningxia
phenol C6H5OH / same as 苯酚
Fo Tan (area in Hong Kong)
live coal / ember / burning coals
bone black / animal charcoal
as incompatible or irreconcilable as ice and hot coals
ice or coals, whether hot or cold goes without saying (idiom); fig. sincerity is not expressed in words
matted sphagnum moss (Sphagnum palustre)
activated carbon
coal briquette
(medicine) anthrax / (horticulture) anthracnose; canker
anthrax bacterium (Bacillus anthracis)
(medicine) anthrax / (horticulture) anthracnose; canker
anthrax vaccine
smokeless coal
Shitanjing subdistrict of Dawukou district 大武口區|大武口区 of Shizuishan city 石嘴山市, Ningxia
carboniferous system / coal measure (geology)
carbonized mugwort leaf (TCM) / Folium Artemisiae argyi carbonisatum
carbonized mugwort leaf (used in TCM) / Folium Artemisiae argyi carbonisatum
the common people in a miserable state
The Old Charcoal Seller, poem by Tang poet Bai Juyi 白居易
cutaneous anthrax

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