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  *炒* | 炒* | *炒
to sauté / to stir-fry / to speculate / to hype / to fire (sb)
(coll.) to speculate in stocks
to hype / to promote (in the media)
fried rice / (slang) (Tw) to have sex
to stir-fry / to do the cooking / stir-fried dish
wok / frying pan
to stir-fry rapidly using a high flame / to conduct a media blitz / to manipulate a stock market through large-scale buying and selling
scrambled eggs
scrambled eggs
stir-fried noodles / "chow mein"
to stir-fry
roasted snacks (peanuts, chestnuts etc)
to raise prices by speculation / to hype
to speculate in real estate
to stir-fry in a small quantity of oil
to speculate in stocks
(coll.) to fire sb / to sack sb
fried rice / millet stir-fried in butter
stir-fried dish (Tw)
to stir-fry leftover rice / fig. to rehash the same story / to serve up the same old product
to speculate in foreign currency
wok with a long handle / wok spatula / ladle
to stir-fry / to saute
(of a business operator) to inflate one's reputation by dishonest means (e.g. posting fake reviews)
to stir-fry ingredients that have been cooked or partially cooked
(Hong Kong) to seek mutual destruction
stir-fried spinach
lit. to fry and sell on the spot / fig. (of fresh graduates) to apply the still-fresh knowledge gained in school
egg fried rice
to speculate in building land
to liven up the atmosphere
Fried Rice with Egg Festival, informally observed annually on November 25 as the anniversary of the death in 1950 of Mao Zedong's son Mao Anying, by people who are grateful that Mao's grip on China did not extend to a second generation (The younger Mao died in an American air raid in Korea, and, according to a popular account, his death was the result of cooking fried rice with egg, which produced smoke detected by US forces.)
stir-fried pork with garlic
to liven up the atmosphere
to sell while it's still hot (idiom); fig. in a great hurry to publish or sell (and no time to improve the product)
to moonlight
chopped fried noodles
lit. to sell hot food freshly cooked; fig. to teach what one has just learned / enthusiasm of the new convert
(Tw) low-budget eatery
to lightly fry
to stir-fry

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