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to take out of the furnace / fresh out of the oven / fig. newly announced / recently made available
microwave oven / CL: 臺|台
  *炉* | 炉* | *炉
stove / furnace
  *炉* | 炉* | *炉
variant of 爐|炉
smelting furnace / forge
oven (PRC)
electric stove / hot plate
coking furnace
to melt down / to remelt (metals) / fig. to acquire new education / to bake again
to open a furnace / to start up a furnace
blast furnace
converter (rotary furnace in steelmaking)
stoker (worker operating a coal fire, esp. for a steam engine)
coal burning boiler
a censer (for burning incense) / incense burner / thurible
(Cantonese) to eat hot pot / hot pot
(nuclear etc) reactor
lit. large smelting furnace / fig. the mixing of different ethnicities and cultures / Melting Pot
fresh out of the oven / fig. novelty just announced / recently made available
a furnace for smelting metal
great furnace (metaphor for a place where character is forged)
a blast furnace (in modern times) / a draft assisted furnace for smelting metals
space heater / radiator
portable gas stove (fueled by a gas cartridge)
a smelting furnace / fig. a melting pot
coking furnace
superheated steam oven
crematorium / crematory oven
melting pot
forge / fig. extremely hot environment
eight trigrams furnace to cook pills of immortality / symbol of the alchemist's art / Double, double toil and trouble, Fire burn, and cauldron bubble
Martin furnace / open hearth furnace / open hearth
variant of 熔爐|熔炉, smelting furnace / forge
fire pit

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