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  *灯* | 灯* | *灯
lamp / light / lantern / CL: 盞|盏
lantern slides
to turn on the light
wall lamp / bracket light / CL: 盞|盏
street lamp / street light
hanging lamp
desk lamp / table lamp
red light
green light
neon lamp (loanword)
flash bulb (photography)
dome light (of a taxi etc) / ceiling light (in a room) / interior light (of a car) / light on the top of a mast etc
electric light / CL: 盞|盏
colored lantern (used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节)
flush-mounted ceiling lamp (loanword)
floor lamp
traffic light / traffic signal
tail light (on vehicle)
vehicle turn indicator light
fog lights (of a motor vehicle)
compact fluorescent lamp (CFL)
to run a red light / failing to stop at a red traffic light / (slang) to have sex with a girl while she is menstruating
signal light / car indicator
fluorescent lamp / neon lamp
brake light
incandescent light
fluorescent tube or light
oil lamp
to light a lamp / to raise a lantern
turn out the lights / lights out
sky lantern (miniature hot-air balloon used during festivals)
fluorescent light
high beam (headlights)
(vehicle) headlight
low beam (headlights)
light / decorated lantern
miner's lamp / mine light
to pass on the light of Buddha
ice lantern
spirit lamp
lantern with carousel of paper horses, rotating under convection, used at Lantern Festival 元宵節|元宵节 / fig. constant busy circulation of people
dragon lantern
a portable lamp
barn lantern / kerosene lamp
altar lamp burning day and night
to give the green light / to give the go-ahead
car front indicator
sb who is easy to deal with
(theater) spotlight / followspot
lighted buoy / channel marking light / signal light
car rear indicator
(lit.) to flash the yellow light / (fig.) to give a warning sign
(vehicle) headlight
sky lantern (miniature hot-air balloon used during festivals)
mercury-vapor lamp
desk lamp
beacon light / beacon
to hold a lamp / to light a lamp
fluorescent light
Taiwan variant of 熒光燈|荧光灯
only the official is allowed to light the fire / Gods may do what cattle may not / quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi
gas lamp
arc lamp
Lamp in the Side Street, novel by Qing dynasty writer Li Lüyuan 李綠園|李绿园 / also written 岐路燈|岐路灯
hazard lights
lamp / turn signal
safety lamp / safelight
Zhu Hongdeng, one of the leaders of the Boxer Rebellion
Bunsen burner
quartz halogen lamp

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