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to collapse; to crumble; to fall apart
ulcer / to ulcerate
  *潰* | 潰* | *潰
used in 潰膿|溃脓 / Taiwan pr. [kui4]
  *潰* | 潰* | *潰
(bound form) (of floodwaters) to break through a dam or dike / (bound form) to break through (a military encirclement) / (bound form) to be routed; to be overrun; to fall to pieces / (bound form) to fester; to ulcerate
nervous breakdown
to defeat; to smash; to rout
(of troops) to be routed and dispersed
to fester; to ulcerate
(of a dike or dam) to burst
(of troops) to be utterly routed and dispersed
to collapse on the first encounter / to give way at once
to flee in disorder
to be utterly defeated; to be routed
routed troops; defeated and dispersed troops
(of a sore etc) to fester; to ulcerate
(of a dam) to be breached; to burst
to rout the enemy
routed troops
lit. an ant hole may cause the collapse of a great dike (idiom) / fig. huge damage may result from a moment's negligence

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