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actor or actress / performer / CL: 個|个, ,
to act (in a play) / to perform / to put on (a performance) / performance / concert / show / CL: 場|场,
play / show / performance / exhibition / to perform / to act / to demonstrate / CL: 場|场
to direct / director (film etc)
lecture / to make a speech
(of a story etc) to unfold / to play out / to develop (a technique etc) / to enact / (logic) to deduce / to infer
to play the role of / to act
to develop / to evolve / development / evolution
to perform on a musical instrument
maneuver / exercise / practice / to maneuver
vocal recital or concert
sung performance / to sing for an audience
to demonstrate / to show / presentation / demonstration
  *演* | 演* | *演
to develop / to evolve / to practice / to perform / to play / to act
to act the leading role (in a movie or a play) / to star / lead actor
to do a drill / to practice / training / drill
to act / to play a part
to screen (a movie) / to stage (a play) / a screening / a staging
performing arts
to evolve / evolution
acting / performing skills
to dramatize historical events / novel or play on historical theme
to appear (in a show etc) / an appearance (on stage etc)
broadcast performance / televised or podcast lecture
road show or promotional tour (for a product etc)
speech / to deliver a speech
evolution / gradual forward progress
Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong 羅貫中|罗贯中, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature / a fictional account of the Three Kingdoms at the break-up of the Han around 200 AD, consistently portraying Liu Bei's Shu Han 劉備|刘备, 蜀漢|蜀汉 as virtuous heroes and Cao Cao's Wei 曹操, as tyrannical villains
keynote speech
to put on a play / to perform / fig. to pretend / to feign
(PPT etc) presentation
show business
film director
broadcasting studio
role-playing game (RPG)
ever more critical / problems get more and more intense
maiden stage role / first performance / first public showing
leading actors (in a show) / starring
deductive reasoning
military exercises
piano performance
(theater etc) to tour / to be on tour / to give itinerant performances / abbr. for 巡迴演出|巡回演出
to recur (of events, esp. adverse ones) / to repeat (a performance)
joint performance
theatrical performance / CL: 場|场
to perform (e.g. on the stage) / to lecture
Investiture of the Gods, major Ming dynasty vernacular novel of mythology and fantasy, very loosely based on King Wu of Zhou's 周武王 overthrow of the Shang, subsequent material for opera, film, TV series, computer games etc
clade (biology)
to deduce / to infer / to derive / an implication
Dramatized History of Sui and Tang, novel by Qing dynasty author Chu Renhuo 褚人獲|褚人获
to give a speech
exhibition match
movie actor / movie actress
to lecture / to speak publicly
to rehearse (a performance)
inaugural lecture
military exercise / war game
commercial performance
keynote speech
cast (of a movie etc) / lineup of performers / troupe
joint military exercise
to perform a play
dummy run / to run through sth / to rehearse
performer / musician
performing arts circles / show business
benefit performance / charity show
to act together / to put on a joint performance
entertainer / performer
(of a play, movie etc) to begin
to calculate / to perform calculations
(dialect) to perform / to act (in a play etc)
enka (Japanese genre of sentimental ballads)
an extra (in a movie)
inversion (geometry)
encore / to give an extra performance
inaugural speech
arms drill / to practice martial arts
to go on stage
audition / dress rehearsal / preview (of a theatrical performance) / dummy run
fashion show
succession (of changes in an ecological community) / naturally evolving sequence
performance place / CL: 處|处
(theater etc) to tour / to be on tour / to give itinerant performances
drill / exercise / demonstration / to demonstrate
to prohibit performance
orator / speaker
substitute actor (esp. in fights of theatrical stunts) / stuntman
(of an actor) to bring (one's character) to life / to act brilliantly
to be intensifying / to be getting worse and worse / to start to run rampant
the theory of evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化論|进化论)
to repeat an old stratagem / up to one's old tricks
to plan a military mission on a sand table (idiom) / to rehearse a planned action or activity / to conduct a dry run
Dramatized history of Republican China until 1927 by Cai Dongfan 蔡東藩|蔡东藩, and later chapters by Xu Qinfu 許廑父|许廑父
Dramatized history of successive dynasties (from Han to Republican China) by Cai Dongfan 蔡東藩|蔡东藩
variant of 敷衍 / to elaborate (on a theme) / to expound (the meaning of the classics)

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