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trip / journey / tourism / travel / tour / to travel
tour guide / guidebook / to conduct a tour
upper reaches (of a river) / upper level / upper echelon / upstream
  *游* | 游* | *游
surname You
  *游* | 游* | *游
to swim / variant of 遊|游
  *游* | 游* | *游
to walk / to tour / to roam / to travel
online game (abbr. for 網絡遊戲|网络游戏)
mobile game / abbr. for 手機遊戲|手机游戏
to travel around / to roam / (mobile telephony) roaming
lower reaches (of a river) / lower level / lower echelon / downstream
to go on a tour / to have an outing
Xianyou county in Putian 莆田, Fujian
to travel / to go on a tour / to roam
spring outing / spring excursion
to cruise / to patrol
to sleepwalk / to journey in a dream
to go for an outing / to go on an excursion
Lu You (1125-1210), widely regarded as the greatest of the Southern Song poets
to go to some place at night / to take a night trip to (a place) / to sleepwalk
red tourism, focused on sites in China associated with the Communist Revolution
to travel around / to tour / to cross
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
to wander (typically of an errant priest)
to travel around (the world, a country etc)
Longyou county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang
to float / to drift / to wander / variant of 蜉蝣
to go on a mental journey
to wander as minstrel
autumn outing / autumn excursion
to strive for mastery (idiom); aiming for the best result / to have high ambitions
to travel far / distant wanderings
carefree / leisurely
the middle stretches of a river / middle level / middle echelon / midstream
to have friendly relationships / circle of friends
Linyou County in Baoji 寶雞|宝鸡, Shaanxi
space tourism
to travel alone (i.e. not with a tourist group)
a style of folk music of Shaanxi
(of fish) to migrate
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane
variant of 洄游
variant of 轉悠|转悠
outing / short trip
outing in the country / to go on a hike / to go courting
to travel (somewhere) / (vandalism) "was here"
to revisit old haunts (idiom); down memory lane
to amuse oneself / to have fun
(coll.) (of a dissident) to be taken on a tour, ostensibly a vacation, but actually a trip organized by the authorities where one's every move is watched
to go courting / to visit a brothel (old) / related to 野遊|野游
to saunter / to travel
to travel widely (esp. as Daoist priest or Buddhist monk)
board game
to swim
to amuse oneself
gregarious (ichthyology)
Game of Thrones (TV series) / abbr. for 權力的遊戲|权力的游戏
to die
to revisit / to return to a previously visited spot
place one has previously visited / old haunts
package holiday
house-swap vacation
MICE tourism (acronym for "meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions"), aka "meetings industry" or "events industry"
to be intimate with prostitutes and frequent brothels (idiom)
incentive travel

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