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trip / journey / tourism / travel / tour / to travel
swimming / to swim
game / CL: 場|场 / to play
tour guide / guidebook / to conduct a tour
to go sightseeing / to tour / to visit / CL:
upper reaches (of a river) / upper level / upper echelon / upstream
  *游* | 游* | *游
surname You
  *游* | 游* | *游
to swim / variant of 遊|游
  *游* | 游* | *游
to walk / to tour / to roam / to travel
online game (abbr. for 網絡遊戲|网络游戏)
mobile game / abbr. for 手機遊戲|手机游戏
traveler / tourist / (online gaming) guest player
travel notes
to travel around / to roam / (mobile telephony) roaming
lower reaches (of a river) / lower level / lower echelon / downstream
to amuse oneself / recreation
tourist attraction / travel sight
to go on a tour / to have an outing
Xianyou county in Putian 莆田, Fujian
Journey to the West, Ming dynasty novel by Wu Cheng'en 吳承恩|吴承恩, one of the Four Classic Novels of Chinese literature / also called Pilgrimage to the West or Monkey
role-playing game (RPG)
video game / game machine
amusement park
(PRC) Ministry of Culture and Tourism
to study away from home or abroad (old)
vagrant / vagabond
to disassociate / to drift away / to leave (a collective) / free (component)
to travel / to go on a tour / to roam
barge / yacht / CL: 隻|只
tourism industry
to swim away
march / parade / demonstration
to wander about / to roam / to move back and forth between (government and academia, two or more countries etc) / to flow through (a circuit, a network, the body) / to skirt (the border of legality) / (of a singer's voice) to move within its range / (of a stock price) to fluctuate within (a range)
to move about / to go from place to place / roving / mobile
spring outing / spring excursion
to cruise / to patrol
tourist city
a tourist
computer and video games
to sleepwalk / to journey in a dream
to go for an outing / to go on an excursion
to wander / to roam about / to loaf about / to be idle
Lu You (1125-1210), widely regarded as the greatest of the Southern Song poets
to go to some place at night / to take a night trip to (a place) / to sleepwalk
cruise ship
red tourism, focused on sites in China associated with the Communist Revolution
cursor (computing) (Tw) / vernier
handling a butcher's cleaver with ease (idiom); to do sth skillfully and easily
person living or traveling far from home
to travel around / to tour / to cross
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
variant of 周遊|周游, to tour / to travel around
to wander (typically of an errant priest)
to tour / to travel
guerrilla warfare
to travel around (the world, a country etc)
Longyou county in Quzhou 衢州, Zhejiang
pleasure boat / cruise ship
floating capital / idle fund / hot money
to float / to drift / to wander / variant of 蜉蝣
tourist center
Xianyou county in Putian 莆田, Fujian
to go on a mental journey
to wander as minstrel
Youxian district of Mianyang city 綿陽市|绵阳市, north Sichuan
to go on a scenic tour
tourist / traveler / visitor
to lobby / to campaign / to promote (an idea, a product) / (old) to visit various rulers and promote one's political ideas (in the Warring States period)
Youxian district of Mianyang city 綿陽市|绵阳市, north Sichuan
dial calipers
autumn outing / autumn excursion
(of a naval vessel) to cruise / to patrol / (of ducks, boats etc) to move about on a lake or river etc
to parade sb through the streets / to march or parade in the streets
to idle about
to fight as a guerilla / (fig.) to live or eat at no fixed place
nomadic / to move about in search of pasture / to rove around as a nomad
to strive for mastery (idiom); aiming for the best result / to have high ambitions
unemployed person / vagrant / rogue
to travel far / distant wanderings
carefree / leisurely
The Travels of Lao Tsan, novel by late Qing novelist Liu E 劉鶚|刘鹗
to wander / to shift around / to waver / to vacillate
crowded with visitors / packed with tourists
gossamer / hairspring
(protest) demonstration
guerrilla warfare
somnambulism / sleepwalking
the middle stretches of a river / middle level / middle echelon / midstream
to have friendly relationships / circle of friends
theory of free play (in Kant's philosophy)
to go for a trip in spring
National Resort District (PRC)
to go on a hunting expedition

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