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  *混* | 混* | *混
confused / dirty / to mix / muddy / variant of 渾|浑
  *混* | 混* | *混
to mix / to mingle / muddled / to drift along / to muddle along / to pass for / to get along with sb / thoughtless / reckless
to muddle things up / to goof off / to hang around
to confuse / to muddle / to mix up
hooligan / rogue / a good-for-nothing
to deceive / to hoodwink / Taiwan pr. [meng1 hun4]
vague / unclear / ambiguous
remix (music)
to hang around / to fool around / to live aimlessly
to hang out together with (derog.) / to mix with
to muddle along / to live aimlessly
to mix / to blend
to confuse (fail to differentiate)
(dialect) idler / loafer
to loiter

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