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  *深* | 深* | *深
old variant of
  *深* | 深* | *深
deep / depth / deeply / (of a color) dark / deep / rich
profound / deep / deep-going
veteran (journalist etc) / senior / highly experienced
deep / profound / (of a person) reserved / undemonstrative / (of a voice, sound etc) deep / low-pitched
wide-ranging and profound / broad and deep
profound / abstruse / recondite / profoundly
deep friendship
Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, special economic zone close to Hong Kong
depth / (of a speech etc) profundity / advanced stage of development
Shenzhen subprovincial city in Guangdong, special economic zone close to Hong Kong
to penetrate deeply / thorough
to deepen / to intensify
to receive in no small measure
to deepen
very late at night
far-reaching / profound and long-lasting
deep / profound
abyss / depths / deepest or most distant part
deep emotion / deep feeling / deep love
deep learning (artificial intelligence)
deep / profound
deep sea
Deep Blue, chess-playing computer, first to defeat reigning world champion, developed by IBM (1985-1997)
dark blue
deeply felt / heartfelt / sincere / honest
late autumn
deep layer / deep / deep-seated / underlying
abbr. for Shanghai 上海, Shenzhen 深圳 and Hong Kong 香港
dark / dark colored
to love dearly
deep plowing / thorough penetration / thorough development (of a market segment etc)
to pursue one's studies
Shenzhen Stock Exchange, abbr. to 深交所
to feel deeply
to explain a complicated subject matter in simple terms (idiom) / (of language) simple and easy to understand
deep level / deep-seated / in-depth
to know well / to be fully aware of
deep (valley or night) / abstruse / hidden in depth
refined / profound
depth (from front to rear) / depth (into a territory) / span (of time) / (fig.) depth (of deployment, progress, development etc)
to enter deeply into people's hearts / to have a real impact on the people (idiom)
to ponder / to consider
to be deeply in (trouble, debt etc) / deep set (eyes)
in the depth of one's soul
deep or shallow / depth (of the sea) / limits of decorum
squat (exercise)
deep in one's heart
to dredge
to believe firmly
deep in the mountains
to detest bitterly (idiom) / implacable hatred / to abhor / anathema
profound mystery
deep space (outer space)
to believe firmly without any doubt (idiom) / absolute certainty about sth
Sham Tseng (area in Hong Kong)
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen / abbr. for 北京上海廣州深圳|北京上海广州深圳
Shenzhou Hengshui 衡水, Hebei
deep cleansing
depth of field
mature reflection / after careful deliberations
Shenze county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
to get a better grasp of sth
to perform an in-depth investigation
in the dead of night (idiom)
profound / significant / meaningful
depth (of waterway) / sounding
deep red / crimson / scarlet
deeply attached / devoted
deep water and scorching fire / abyss of suffering (idiom)
serene and hidden in depth or distance
Shenzhou Hengshui 衡水, Hebei
deep-rooted (problem etc)
to have an in depth conversation / to have intimate talks / to discuss thoroughly
abbr. for Hong Kong 香港 and Shenzhen 深圳
great bitterness, deep hatred (idiom); deeply ingrained long-standing resentment
dark brown
to make a deeper impression on sb
rigorous schemes and deep foresight (idiom); astute and circumspect
dark gray
deep and unmeasurable (idiom); unfathomable depths / incomprehensible / enigmatic and impossible to predict
Shenze county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄, Hebei
lady's private room or bedroom / boudoir
dark green
to provide food for thought (idiom) / thought-provoking
enigmatic / beyond one's depth / unfathomable
Shenkeng township in New Taipei City 新北市, Taiwan
If you work at it hard enough, you can grind an iron bar into a needle. / cf idiom 磨杵成針|磨杵成针, to grind an iron bar down to a fine needle (idiom); fig. to persevere in a difficult task / to study diligently
brown (color)
Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE
to fall deeper and deeper (in debt, in love etc)
deep and wide / vast / profound (influence etc)
so deep one cannot see to the bottom / limitless
French kissing
lit. the cow licking its calf fondly (idiom) / fig. to show deep affection towards one's children
very serious / grave / profound
profound (meaning, implications etc)

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