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meaningful content / implication / connotation (semantics) / inner qualities (of a person)
to cover / to comprise / to include
  *涵* | 涵* | *涵
to contain / to include / culvert
content / meaning / connotation / implication
Angela Chang (1982-), Taiwanese pop singer and actress
to excuse / to forgive / to bear with / to contain
to contain / to accumulate / to embrace / implicit condition / implication / entailment
Hanjiang district of Putian city 莆田市, Fujian
(polite expression) to be magnanimous enough to forgive or tolerate (one's errors or shortcomings)
Hanjiang district of Putian city 莆田市, Fujian
culvert pipe
(Tw) meaning / significance / import / CL: 層|层
(semantics) connotative meaning / connotation
Wang Daohan (1915-2005), former president of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits
to encompass / to cover
content / meaning / connotation / implication / same as 涵義|涵义
to conserve (e.g. water) / self-restraint / self-possession
to assimilate / to subsume
variant of 含蓄
to take in (old and new experiences and sorrows)

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