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to involve / to touch upon (a topic)
to interfere / to meddle / interference
to negotiate (with) / to have dealings (with)
  *涉* | 涉* | *涉
(literary) to wade across a body of water / (bound form) to experience / to undergo / to be involved / to concern
to be a suspect (in a crime) / to be suspected of
concerning foreigners or foreign affairs
to be involved in the matter (Example: 涉事三人, the three people involved) / (archaic) to recount the events
to set foot in / to step into / to become involved for the first time
(of a perpetrator, victim, weapon, sum of money etc) to be involved in the case
to trudge / to trek
to skim (through a book) / to read cursorily / to dip into
to involve / implicated
to travel over land and water (idiom)
to see the world / to go out into society / to gain experience
to involve / to drag in
noninterference / nonintervention
She county in Handan 邯鄲|邯郸, Hebei
to relate (to) / to concern / to involve / connection / relationship
to take risks / involved in adventure
interferometer (physics)
the stakeholders / a stakeholder
long and difficult trek
to be suspected of
unpracticed / inexperienced / naive / unsophisticated
to experience
gang-related case / criminal case
to climb mountains and wade rivers (idiom); fig. to make a long and difficult journey
to cross (the wide ocean)
to ford (a stream, river etc)
to ford (a stream) / to wade across
to be involved in a lawsuit
wading boots / high-topped waterproof boots
to be suspected of bribery
to start writing or painting (lit. "wet the brush")
to browse / to glance through / to read
(criminal) suspect
a wading bird
to imagine / to consider

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