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muddled / silly / confused
to paint / to smear / to apply (makeup etc) / to doodle / to erase / to obliterate
graffiti / scrawl / poor calligraphy / to write badly / to scribble
  *涂* | 涂* | *涂
to apply (paint etc) / to smear / to daub / to blot out / to scribble / to scrawl / (literary) mud / street
  *涂* | 涂* | *涂
surname Tu
  *涂* | 涂* | *涂
variant of
painted ornament / livery (on airline or company vehicle)
protective layer / coating
to alter (text) / to change by painting over / to correct (with correction fluid)
muddled and completely collapsing (idiom); in an awful condition / complete shambles / a total mess
failed and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly / a crushing defeat / beaten and in a hopeless position
muddleheaded / careless
smear (medical sample) / microscope slide
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui
Mt Tu in Zhejiang
correction fluid
Dangtu county in Ma'anshan 馬鞍山|马鞍山, Anhui
to grease / to oil / to baste (cookery)
to daub / to scribble (graffiti)
variant of 糊塗|糊涂
muddled accounts / a mess of bookkeeping
confused / vague / indistinct / muddle-headed / mixed up / in a daze
painter / artist
extreme distress / in utter misery
people are in a terrible situation (idiom)
to smear / to daub / to plaster / to apply (ointment)
to apply paint, veneer etc / to plaster over / decorative coating / finish / veneer
to pretend to not know / to play dumb
to offer one's life in sacrifice
blunderer / bungler
mudskipper (amphibious fish)
smudge / stain / to smear (dirt, paint) / to deface
a white paint applied to tree trunks to protect the trees from insect damage etc
coating agent / finishing agent
to put on makeup / to prettify
confused / muddled / stupid / dumb
to coat / to mask / to plaster over
tidal marsh / shoal / shallows
to obliterate (some words, or part of a picture etc) using correction fluid, ink, paint etc / to paint out / to paint over
variant of 塗鴉|涂鸦 / graffiti / scrawl / poor calligraphy / to write badly / to scribble
even the wisest can have a momentary lapse in judgment (idiom) / every man has a fool in his sleeve
unclear / not straightforward / (of drinking water) lukewarm / tepid
to pretend not to know (idiom)
muddy water in a pool or pond
spread (for putting on bread etc)
the common people in a miserable state
path / road
blunderer / bungler / also written 糊塗蟲|糊涂虫
to trim or add (to a text) / to edit
tideland reclamation
ravenous wolves hold the road (idiom); wicked people in power / a vicious tyranny rules the land
to despise titles and high offices
beaten and wiped over the floor (idiom); to fail utterly / a crushing defeat / failed and in a hopeless position
pasting table (for wallpapering)

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